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  1. I don't agree with 1 rigger. Lakers save my trips a lot. A spin and glow is probably the key to lakers in most cases. We typically run them behind a 8" paddle or a dodger and the spin and glow also has a 2" fly and some beads. I run out of Chicago and down here slow (1.8kt-2.0kt)is great for lakers but I also have found many times they want it fast like 3kt plus. I typically run a rigger 5-10' off the bottom and one thumping bottom. WIth WIRE not braid Dipseys to get bottom let out enough so you are say 20' from the bottom. Then set the drag so it creeps out and stop it once it finds bottom. We have a flat bottom so we can get away with this. Rocky areas probably not possible. Need to use wire or you will get cut off.
  2. With Diesels typically trolling valves are needed. You can also run a big trolling bag to slow you. On a inboard I really prefer to run a bag when trolling on one motor. It helps keep the boat strait and it also makes the motor work a little harder which will provide more water running across the rudder and better steering.
  3. Clear is a safe bet. I like the ande pink as well. In clean water green is going to show up to much.
  4. The guys who seem to have success with it are typically in saltwater. I think saltwater conducts electricity differently so maybe that's why?
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