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  1. Great catch. We've managed to pull a few kings out of the water this week out of port sheldon. Are you guys seeing any food in the bellies of the fish you're catching?
  2. Had our Port Sheldon league night on tuesday, 3 boats out to 160 and everywhere in between----0. Fish at 130 - 140 and some bait as well, had some lookers but no takers. I was getting 55 degrees almost all the way to the bottom. Who knows, maybe they shut off to a degree during hurricane season, water temps just aren't right for it to be fast and furious------all good things come to an end, doesn't grouse season open this weekend?
  3. Thanks for the info gents, it's much appreciated
  4. WILD King Salmon There has been a bit of discussion amongst the guys I fish with that are seeing pictures of these big fish and some confusion about whether or not they are stocked fish or wild (adipose fin presence)? In the case that they may be wild naturally reproduced fish shouldn't we be figuring out a way to revive them and put them back? After all, even in Alaska and BC they are finding out you just can't keep taking those older fish without giving them a chance to reproduce, or you are killing the life blood of your fishery. I get that when outfitters take people out its a big whoop for many of them to have their picture taken at the board of death on Chinook Pier, but if these wild fish keep showing up we need to of course take trophy pictures and get them back in the water....my opinion. Can anyone shed some light on whats going on with these seemingly impossible to explain wild kings we are seeing? All the way down to how to identify, etc? I feel we are on a precipice of maybe needing to re-think how we are looking at these fish as a commodity if we want to be having this fun with these big fish 10 years from now. Seems to me Lake Michigan is figuring out a way to stay alive, if its possible we should help her.
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