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  1. I ran floor leaders on my Downrigger rods for three seasons. It worked well. I ran 30lb spider wire stealth, a 30lb Spro swivel, and a 25ft leader of floor in anywhere from 20 to 30 lbs depending on the time of year and the size of the fish in the area.
  2. It's a fantastic time to be fishing out of Milwaukee. I hope these coho stay around. More and more Kings are starting to show up too. Thanks for the report Taimen
  3. Kings and depth of presentation. Over the past few years I have noticed that a majority of my kings hit my lures that are running in about 48 degree water and above. When I try running them in colder water say 42-44 my catch rate on kings goes way down. The reason I ask is that while watching salmon showdow frequently the game plan is to try and run lures within 20 ft of the bottom. Is this a strategy to target bigger kings though you may catch less?
  4. Bender Park, Oak Creek 4/10/17 Monday was a special day where we were able to take out some of the reps from Daiwa to try out their new Great Lakes trolling rods. Luckily for us after three previous days of wind and chocolate milk looking water things started to settle and we found hungry fish. We started south by the power plan and picked up two big browns on a gold Flicker Shad just at dawn. After that things really slowed down. Our normal go to bright colored spoons were not producing so we switched things up until we found that they wanted larger medium and magnum blue and silver spoons. Later we found that their bellies were filled with smelt. The other thing we did was picked up and ran north to the boils. From there we had steady action. We ended up going 11 for 15 and our last fish was a 29 lb Lake trout that hit a Pro King Mag Wonder Bread spoon. The Daiwa Great Lakes trolling rods worked fantastic!
  5. You can order them from Wal-Mart online and have them shipped to the closest store near you free of charge.
  6. It is a great area to fish. After the ice melts its the first place I go to remedy cabin fever.
  7. Legacy, thanks for the link. That looks like just what the doctor ordered.
  8. Bender Park, Oak Creek 4/1/17 Finally got into coho for the first time this year just off the power plant. There was a defined mud line that ran at about 25 to 27 FOW. Coho were hitting orange storm thin fins on flat lines 75 ft behind the board, Michigan Stinger Carmel Dolphin off a 2 core and Downrigger, and orange dodger green peanut fly off a dipsy also took fish. We also spent some time fishing the boils but the water was pretty cloudy. Moonshine black pearl on a 2 core was the hot spoon for browns.
  9. How do you store your meat rigs? I started putting meat rigs into my spread two years ago and now have a good selection. My question, what is your prefered method for storing them when not in use? Do you use a Styrofoam noodle or something else?
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