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  1. That may have been us at the ramp JDH. We were 13 for 18. Set up in 190 on a SW and seemed to get better as we went out. turned at 250 but the bite slowed as well. 400 copper went 6X's +. Rigger at 70 < 90 went 4-5X's and wire divers took a good beating as well. Lot of marks 70-100 down with that being the target zone. All flasher fly's, whites and greens. Mixed bag with one nice 4-year old coho a few Steel Head, 1 and 2 year old Kings, as well as 2 released Lakers.
  2. We fished PS from 8:30 < 10:30. Started set up in 35fow where surface temp was 50'ish. Immediately picked up a stocky LT banging the bottom with a rigger on a dodger combo. Maintained SW troll, had a hard hit on a 150 copper in about 50fow (we all bet it was not a LT) and at about 60 fow pulled in a 3# coho on a jawbreaker I think. Water temp seemed to tank at about 60-65' when we noticed the lite rain and decided to call it a win and headed in. Beautiful morning, Wow. when the sun was out I was way over dressed. That Laker had a fresh smelt in it BTW. guess there are still some of those around.
  3. Drove by there yesterday (22nd) and it was fairly busy with boats but did not stop to get a report.
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