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  1. I got an email inviting me to sign up for a $30 a month deal where Dreamweaver would send me tackle in the mail. The deal was that shipping was free and every box would be worth more than $30. I like Dreamweaver stuff I'm just wondering how good of a deal this is. Anyone here subscribe to this? It's like the jelly of the month club "the gift that keeps on giving the whole year Clark" LOL
  2. Woody's wax is an easily applied wax made for textured floors of boats so that it is not slippery. Apparently it does a great job of keeping the crud from sticking so that the schmutz comes off with the washdown and does not require a power washer.
  3. What do you guys like to put on your textured fiberglass floors as either a wax or other protectant to make them easier to clean. I just spent a ton of time cleaning the boat and would like to use soem sort of protectant made for floors to help keep it cleaner longer. I have a Trophy so some of you may be familiar with thay type of textured floor. They are common on a lot of walk arounds
  4. I just got done watching 4 different seminars given by charter captains and all of them mentioned flourocarbon line as being one thing they believed in. Are these guys and the rest of you who use this stuff mostly using flourocarbon line and not flourocarbon leader. Is it different if we are talking tying flies or using leaders for leadcore. I can not see someone using $30 worth of flourocarbon leader material on then end of one leadcore setup. I could maybe see them using it to tie flies and meat rigs. I know the stuff is made differently and the leader material is supposedly much stiffer than mono and gives better fly action supposedly.
  5. I's been a while but I thought I would check in on you guys. Glad to see people are getting some use out of the spreadsheet. I'll be up fishing this weekend Sept 9-12 hope to see some of you out there. Give Arbogaster a call on 68
  6. I just bought a boat pre equipped with a Lowrance HDS8 and I would like to get a chip for the great lakes. Anyone have recommendations? Lakemaster was the best deal around last time I looked but that may have changed. Thanks guys!
  7. Yeah it is not an exact science but it will usually get you pretty close. One thing you cannot do is use the line counter to measure the feet of line as you put it on. When the spool is less than full the line counter measure is off. This isn't a problem when the spool is most of the way full but when you are first filling it; the count is way off. I either use line lengths in my recipe that I can buy i.e. 300 yds of power pro or 150 yds of power pro, or I'll drag the line out in my back yard and unspool it in the grass and measure out the length i need. I'm glad it has caught on and you guys are getting some use out of it. I put some time in developing and testing it. Glad to see it has worked well for most everyone. Think Spring guys!
  8. Download my calculator and figure it out yourself. It's still on here. If you can't find it google search "great lakes fisherman reel calculator" it will come up. Enjoy Eric Lang aka: Arbogaster
  9. Yeah you gotta watch the yards / feet thing, I did that very thing once calculating copper and I wrote the darn spreadsheet. It should become second nature once you use it a few times. I tried to make it as simple as possible. Enjoy it guys and let me know if you have any questions. Mike was gracious enough to put it up here for all to use. Hope it keeps the cabin fever away for a few more months.
  10. Hey looks like you are checking me out! Give me a call if you have a question about the core calculator. 513-374-6160. Or if you got a hot bite going on somewhere. Something about my cell phone ringing makes the rods go off. I love yelling "Fish on gotta go, call you back"

  11. I've tested this on a couple of reels guys and it works really well. It's nice to be able to look at your options and not have to guess what will fit. Ohh and Mike . . . The last name is Lang. But most of the guys who know me as arbogaster know that. Have a great weekend guys. Stay warm
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