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  1. Another rule of thumb, Negitive fish longer leads. Positive fish shorter leads. Everything in fishing is just a general starting point, cause what works for me might not work for U.
  2. I just dropped 10 reels on Tuna Sat. afternoon. Tuna did say a couple of weeks ago that he was going to stop taking reels sometime in Feb, due to high volume. Thanks SeaCat for the reminder.
  3. three in the box and one on the line.
  4. Joeman, I ran proos from 03 thru 09. They always pulled a 12lb weight whenever ask to pull. They seemed to be built well, They with-stood all the abuse my challenged crew could throw at them. The only reason I'm not running them anymore is I won a pair of Cannon's.Paulywood is correct Thunderduck- Capt Willis does run them on his boat and sells them out of his store Fish On Tackle #616-935-6985. I'm sure he would answer any questions. Too Fish
  5. Some MI Chrome. Please excuse Mr. Laker
  6. Hey chappy u alright?????????

  7. Chappy, Sat March 28th we have a date @ willis's new operation Chance and flea (Lake Trout) and some really good captains so inform the misses that day is taken.

    Too Fish OUT.

  8. Hey Chappy hows the tourney crew coming along????

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