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  1. Hi Adam Thanks for responding to my request for volunteers. I would like to set you up with the necessary goodies so you can try out my concept. I would like to know what type of lures you use and what fish that you target. It really helps to know the setup and the metals that your lures are made of. If you use spoons, I can send you a few color patterns of your choice. If we do that, I would still like to tune some of your own lures that you are comfortable with and have confidence in. Let me know what you use. I would really like to see what happens if you are the only one using my stuff in a group of guys fishing close together. I had a long chat with Jim Flemming about his musky chartering and fishing (Lk Champlain & St Claire) and will be sending him some as well. He wanted to book me in for a day this summer to show him how it works but I couldn't commit to that at the time. Cheers for now Al Dampier Spoon page http://www.lurecharge.com/#!page2/cjg9
  2. Hi All I am seeking a few recruits to test some of my LureCharge products while ice fishing. I live on the west coast where the only ice is in the freezer. I would like to assist about 10 volunteers in 'voltage tuning' their own lures with some of my products and/or send some of my own spoons. Don't laugh, skeptics. I can make one of two identical lures catch about 80% of the fish when trolled 16' apart. I would like a cross section of anglers who go after different species and use different setups. This is still a learning curve for me. To this point, I haven't found a style of lure that I can't tune to some degree, including flies with stainless or nickel hooks. I would like to do an info share on this link so as to be completely transparent and above board. We can do address info later via PM, email, or through a moderator. Thanks Al Dampier www.lurecharge.com
  3. Inventor of LureCharge concept and associated lure products.

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