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  1. Have had everything possible break, multiple times.. Just because a knot held yesterday, or last year, means nothing tomorrow. Cable, wire, copper, leadcore, braid, leader, mono...it all breaks. There are often unseen damages or weaknesses created (during knot tying process) or knicks that occur during regular fishing and you never know until it breaks. I budget about $500 a year in lost tackle, cannonballs, planer boards, dipseys, flashers/flies, plugs, etc. We fish alot though
  2. It appears that chinook stocking will continue to dwindle, however you can be happy that lake trout stocking will continue at 3 million plus per year unabated, with chances of an increase! If we get really lucky, our lake trout populations can get even larger so we can get commercial gill nets at the south end of Lake Michigan just like the one's up north, and just like the brand new ones off Oscoda! Gill nets everywhere are great! Both primary baitfish target is the alewife. One species, the chinook, only feeds on alewife for 2.5 years of their 3 year lives and die. The lake trout continue to forage on alewife for up to 30 years or more! You know, the alewives that don't exist anymore? Yes..those alewife. Time to dust off those cowbells boys, Lake Trout are the new salmon in lake Michigan, consumption advisories and all.
  3. http://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/MIDNR/bulletins/dd5b4f The illegal herring (non Michigan certified) were shipped to the bait store in containers labeled "worms". The bait store did not notice the 273 packages were labeled as "worms" instead of "herring". Someone tipped off the authorities that illegal herring was being sold by the store. The store later indicated during the investigation that they were provided "false information".
  4. We fished this past weekend and the water was 58 on top and 58 down 160. There is no break anywhere, except closer to shore it was colder, but had tons of seaweed and junk floating in it from two weeks of rough weather. It will be very slim pickings until we get some real cold water to blow in and mix things up a bit. The fish we caught, which were few, were scattered everywhere from surface to 60 down from 100 fow to 220.
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