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  1. Thanks Ryan, Yes I am aware of that, and know that battery life between the two is no comparison. Just can't justify parting with the big bucks just yet. Not in a big hurry, been fishing w/o one for past 12 years, one more won't kill me. Bob
  2. I am looking for probe and transducer/cables for a fish hawk 800/840. If anyone has and would be willing to part ways with them please let me know. Call me at (616) 897-4285 after 4PM. Thanks, Bob
  3. Awsome 2MD, four young ones on board with a quad is crazy GOOD. I've done that with teens on board and it is all I could handle. NICE.
  4. Set down in 80 FOW straight out on north troll had a couple of drive by's on the the riggers down 75-95 ft. Spun south and braid mag diver set 180 back on 3 with "no fish nick" meat rig took off. Handed that one to my buddy and then the other one on other side went "white death" meat rig. We were fighting those two and a rigger set 88 down with a custom plug my son made (green glow w/black dots) fired. Boated all three and bite was over by the time I got all that put back down. Trolled west to 150 FOW, marked a few fish, turned back and took a couple of more drive by's (guessing coho) off riggers pulling spoons. (mostly on the blue dolphin SS). Marked a ton and a half of bait in the 70-80 FOW. Stayed to around 2:00 pm and marked quite a few fish in the 80 zone but could not get them to go, is there such a thing as too much bait???? Bob
  5. Nice job Targa and a big thanks for the report and for giving the glory back to God. He knew what he was doing when he created those pea brains and probably gets quite a kick out of all of us trying to outsmart them. There have been days when for no reason at all I set down on top of the fish first thing in the morning and can't keep a rod in the water when the rest of the crowd did hardly any, so I know it can happen. Also had other days where a boat 100yrds from me if cleaning house on the fish and I can't put it together.(helps to have inside info) Thanks as well for the reports that are not doing as well because they all help us that are not out there as much. Bob
  6. Monster The closest port to little sable pt is Pentwater. I launched at the ramp on stoney creek below stoney lake and it is just a hundred yards or so from the lake and it is closer than Pentwater. Now for the bad......the ramp had a really bad multiple angle to it and with my low style trailer I was almost not able to launch. Next bad.......I was there about a month ago when the water was high and we had to get two of us out of the boat on the way out and three of us out on the wagy back in. I have a 17 ft. aluminum open bow Monark so it is a little on the heavy side compared to most but I would make sure you have a back up plan and not do it in the dark. Ramp permit is required and can be purchased at the Stoney lake store on the west end of the lake near the ramp. Bob
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