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  1. What lengths of 19 strand torpedo wire do you typically run or find to be the most productive?
    Did you make a switch from copper?

    You’re talking about a different kind of line (weighted steel). This discussion pertains to fishing divers on wire line.

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  2. Thanks on the rubber band tips - assume the rubber band hitch will have enough friction to hold on the wire and not slide....I'll try it!
    The breakoffs are rarely on the wire, but first time out this year i didnt cut the first 10-20 feet off and retie so that was the problem that particular time.  Mainly the flouro leader breaks (i increased from 30# to 40#) or like the last time the actual manufactures hook knot failed and i lost the meat head.  With the increase in leader and the rubber band trick I'm hoping the line will pay out easier when a large fish strikes, thanks so much!

    Definitely check your diver tension. The shock absorber will help but wire has zero stretch so it’s important that the diver releases and then lets the drag do the work. I try to keep the diver release as light as possible, sometimes having to pull it back in, tighten the tension, and reset it because it was too light and tripped on its own.

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  3. It’s that “it’s no worse that the flu” crowd why they banned motor boats. The majority of people would follow the previous EO that allowed motor boating but the people in that crowd are the ones that minimize it and ruin it for everyone. Tippy and the Detroit River are perfect examples. Thank those people’s actions for why you can’t go fishing on a boat with an engine with people from your household. They should have immediately fined these people 1k and took their license for a year. They would have only needed to do this a couple of times and it would have made the news and that would have put an end to it. But they gave warnings, well to these hard heads, you have to take action as warning or the threat of one means nothing so they continue and here we are today.


    Once the fishing starts to heat up on Lake Michigan, the same selfish mindset people will be packing the launches with their friends and posting group pics on social media bragging.


    Wake up people, they didn’t shut down pretty much every major economy in the world for no reason. Whitmer has already indicated that she will likely ease some restrictions on May 1st. If boating is one of them, PLEASE follow the applicable guidelines so everyone can look forward to something this summer. If they lift restrictions and there is a spike in cases, they will likely shut everything down for summer.





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    You must be a Whitmer supporter. The people at Tippy were fishing from the shore. ZERO to do with motors.



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  4. What is over the top and lacking in common sense is people protesting in close proximity to one another on the steps of the capital building.  This is not some vast conspiracy cooked up by the government to deprive people of their constitutional rights.  It's an emergency safety measure.   I guess it's up to the individual whether they want to flaunt an order intended to protect the public and thereby enhance the risk of exposing themselves and others to the virus , but I view such behavior as selfish, short sighted and foolish.  This pandemic is affecting us all.  I am currently laid off due to the restrictions which are now in effect.  The goal is to open up as the situation improves.  No one and I mean NO ONE wants these restrictions to go on indefinitely and without good cause but it would be foolish and premature to lift them until we have an accurate picture of the infection rate and the likely mortality rate.  Sure you may view aspects of the order as unfair.  It's not fair that some people die of preventable disease of lose their employment though no fault of their own or that our elected officials and corporations make bank on the backs of taxpayers while mom and pop businesses get nothing.  If you want to complain, complain about the real inequities in the system, not about having your fishing season shortened. 

    Still no logic to explain why a motorboat is prohibited, but no power is acceptable. Can’t make that argument can you?

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  5. mental health and well-being...what a crock....i thought we fishermen were tougher that that... your opposition to public health regulations in a time of crisis for the sake of getting out on the water a few weeks earlier is misguided.  Grow a pair and take one for the team.  We are not going to get PTSD from waiting a few weeks.   I agree that the governors order is not well drafted but our constitutional rights are not being trampled upon in this situation.  We look like a pack of whiny self entitled snowflakes.  petition the governor if you must, or better yet try to see the bigger picture and wait for this virus to run it course. 

    Please explain with some logic why someone can go out on a canoe, sailboat, kayak, rowboat, etc. but not a motorboat. Not defensive rhetoric. Logic. I’ll wait.

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  6. I need some help and expertise on where to mount my fish hawk.  I have a 23 ft Crestliner and I'm not sure if it's better to mount my FH display by my fish finder or if I should mount it near my down rigger?  I do a lot more walleye fishing than I do salmon fishing so I can mount it on my track  with my rod holders close to my down rigger or I can buy a new mount for my fish finder and attach it there.  it would be a lot easier to buy a mount and put it on my track closer to the down rigger but not sure if it would be in my way. 

    My boat is 26’ and I have some distance between the helm and stern.

    What I did was move the fish hawk to a Big Jon electronics mount and put it on the track near my rigger. My thought is near the rigger is where I want to be able to see it when adjusting depth. Not at the helm. I have a Bluetooth compatible fish hawk so I mounted an old iPhone at the helm and connected the two via Bluetooth. I still get the same info as the fish hawk display and can the adjust speed as needed.

    I’ve been running it like this for about two years. So far I’m happy with it.

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  7. This won't help much now that the season is nearly over. I just figured out that the app was back up and running. ?

    I found a net south of Whitehall this summer from about 60'-100'. Don't recall the exact depth or coords now but was very poorly marked. Only a buoy at each end. And I have yet to see ANY buoy with radar reflectors as mentioned above. We need to use the regs to our advantage and make sure they are following them.

  8. Stolen Fishing Equipment Just talked with a friend that had all of is fishing equipment stolen off his boat up by Whitehall.  They took everything, Fishhawk probe, Cannon Downriggers, weights, Shimano reels, tons of spoons, meat rigs,   $1000's of dollars worth of stuff.   If you hear of anyone selling this kind of  stuff that seems suspicious, please give my friend a call at  847-209-6054.  
    Thanks,  Steve

    If you get more details please let us know. I'm in that area.

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  9. Three people can be tricky. With guys who know their job, it's doable though. Driver keeps driving. Guy hand lining only worries about hand lining. Now comes the tricky part. Who nets? The guy fighting the fish. He has to drop the rod (or hand it off to the driver) and grab the net. Much easier with a fourth person but it's still manageable.


    Good luck!



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  10. 18-24ish feet. Handlining is the downside. There are days when I run long leads off the ball. Slide Diver makes a diver to make long leads easier. All because there are days when the fish want longer leads. Why wouldn't long leads be an advantage?

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  11. Tangled Tackle Salmon and Trout Tournament


    Come join the fun

    Saturday September 3rd,2016

    Lake Michigan, Port of Manistee 

    $200 dollar entry fee/100% payout

    $1,000 Dollar Guaranteed First Prize with Ten Boat Minimum Entry

    *Captain’s Meeting Friday, September 2nd at 6:30 p.m. at Tangled Tackle Sporting Goods at 48 Arthur St, Manistee All rules will be discussed/Mandatory Attendance*

    Tournament Starts September 3rd 6:30 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m.


    BIG Fish and BIG Combo Prizes Awarded (buy in included in entry fee) 

    18 Foot Boat Minimum/Must be equipped with a marine radio

    Weigh Your Five Biggest Fish and Three Bonus Fish for Additional Points

    Weigh in to directly follow at the First Street Lions Pavilion

    Please call Bud at 231-887-4242 or Chris at 231-690-3494with any questions

    Proudly Sponsored by Dreamweaver Lures, Purple Taco Fly Supply and ITO Flies 


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