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    what do you think of my idea? any one have a cooler recomendation ?

    Thanks Frank

    I missed this part. Nice looking boat, btw.

    Without knowing the dimensions of the area behind the seats, my initial preference would be to keep the passenger seat and mount the cooler behind that seat with the long side of the cooler running from bow to stern. If you have a long run to make, I wouldn't want to be sitting on top of a cooler.

  2. This time of the year it's getting hard to run boards due to the amount of boat traffic, especially when the fish are right outside the pier heads. Fish outside of the pack or on a slower day (weekday) and you don't have any problems. You also need to take slower turns, so don't let the new guy drive the boat! ;)

    I set my boards up so they don't release when a fish hits. I do this by running the line behind the pinch pad once, and through the pinch pad once as well. When fishing in some bigger waves like I did on this day, I went through the pinch pad twice to keep the line from pulling out.

    Copper or lead on boards has done very well for me. :thumb: Armstrongs is a place everyone should visit at least once. While they do have everything and then some, it is also the source of many jokes.

  3. Buying copper set up now what planner boards should I run???

    We ran 4 boards in 2-3' waves on this day without any problems. If I had two more boards with me they would have been in the water as well. I run all Church Tackle Walleye Boards as do my fishing buddies. Off Shore Tackle also makes planer boards that are very similar. I have never used them though. They are reported to be good quality though.

  4. You guys fishing out of Whitehall/Montague need to stop in at Johnson's and let them know about the good salmon fishing. There is a perception that the salmon fishing isn't doing very well out there. Based on Jim's report (and some others I have heard about) that's not quite true.

    Jim, very nice report and wow what fish! Great picture!

    Johnsons was our first stop after pulling out of the launch, and the source of our scale. Great people there with just about everything you could need. :thumb: Also see my last report from Montague/Whitehall. We took several in the 20's with the biggest at 24. There are definitely some big fish out in the lake this year.

  5. Awesome Jim, what does wall bound mean? Anyways if your fishing this weekend look for us were going to start in 65FOW and troll NW see if that works you won't miss our boat

    Wall bound as it fixin' to be mounted. Just Hook'n asked if it was headed for the wall. I'll be fishing out of Ludville this weekend, but back down south Labor Day weekend. I'm confident I've seen your boat out there in the past. Pretty hard to miss. ;)

  6. We got a late start this AM, setting lines around 7 in 65 FOW. Trolled SW picking up a 10# king on a white paddle/fly combo 55' down in 80 FOW. Saw the nets approaching so we swung around and headed north. Second fish hit a green flasher/fly 90 back on a mag dipsy in 100 FOW. After some nearly botched net work we boxed the second fish of the day, a 30.2# king. Yes, 30.2!:eek: A third fish hit a blue flasher/fly on a 8 color but never got a chance to make any progress on it. As soon as it hit, the leader broke. No stretched knots, etc. Broke clean off.

    Marked lots of fish 60-70 down.

  7. Set lines in about 110 FOW among a slew of boats and started trolling south. There was very little room for changing directions, depths, etc. without pulling lines and moving due to the sheer number of boats. Marking fish like crazy between 65 and 75' but very few takers.

    Our first hit came around 8:00 70' down on a Big Lake Lures Blue Goose but lost it. Next came a 10# brown on a Moonshine Flounder Pounder on 5 colors around 9:00. Next was a BIG hit on a Moonshine Mongolian Beef plug on 12 colors. Unfortunately the braid backing on this reel hadn't been wound on very tightly the previous time used and the line dug into the spool. Eventually the mono leader gave up and the fish was gone.

    A slow night (1/3) fishing with a ton of boats to battle. Those who did well were reporting running all the way to the point. :crazy: Surprisingly all of the boats we encountered were very courteous and polite. This time of year on a weekend with this number of boats this seems to be the exception rather than the norm. :thumb:

  8. Fished out of Montague this AM with a nice box of fish at the end of the day. Started dropping lines just before 0600 in 100' of water. After that it was a guessing game since the depth on my chart plotter went belly up. Using the Garmin Blue Chart app on my phone and previous way points, we determined we ended up fishing 150-180 the remainder of the day which was a bit outside the rest of the pack. For those who packed up at 1000 when the flies got bad and the bite went dead, you missed out. ;) At 1155 one of our fish in the low 20's hit a dipsy and took off for Wisconsin. Ten minutes in, a 300 copper took a hit. Both were landed to finish off our box for the day.:eek:

    Pearl colored plugs and green/blue flies (hypnotist) took everything particularly on the 300 copper. Copper and dipsies were the only rods taking hits. Riggers were dead. North/south trolls exclusively.

    We finished 10/13 with three fish over 20, the biggest being 24#.:thumb:

    edit to add: Several fish had numerous alewives still sticking out of their mouths.

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