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  1. I like the new Diawa Seagate reels. I have the 50 and 60 sizes, 50 would work fine for your request
  2. I have some lexan spoons from at least 18 years ago, not sure of the mfg, but to be honest I don't remember catching anything with em'
  3. Hi everyone, I'll be at booth 86 Saturday morning representing Deer Search of WNY. If you want to learn more about us, stop by. I am also a member of Deer Search Finger Lakes. This is a great club and there is no age requirement to become involved hope to see you there Scott
  4. you've answered all of questions for now, I may be interested but don't wait on me to move on, thanks...... and you got my Canadian honey hole shown lol
  5. you just use it as a mapping only tool correct? you have software that picks up your GPS (how does that work) then displays it. Can you use it any other way on the water? On shore it is a typical laptop? snap shot Niagara Bar Lake Ontario and the mouth of the Niagara rive at Lake O thanks Scott
  6. that was quick, I see that many up dates were made, but I am interested in how old it is
  7. what is the exact model # and age of the unit, thanks
  8. Agree on the welded hull, I have a 1997 19' Lowe since 1999 and love it, even has an aluminum deck
  9. can you post more pics, engine hrs? what outdrive, alpha 1 were popular with that motor in 85.
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