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  1. I'm planning on heading out Saturday or Sunday. Winds look good so far. Just not sure where I'm putting in. I heard St. Jo. has coho now. But not sure I want to make the drive down there. Sent from my LG-K540 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. Thanks for update. Do they have the lot across the street open at Holland yet? Sent from my LG-K540 using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. emorrison

    Holland 4-16 AM

    Caught 3 Lakers Sunday in 50 fow. 2 bouncing bottom with cowbell with small white with red dot spin N glo and 1 250 copper green dolphin.
  4. Went out this morning out of Holland. 1-1 38 fow 2 color green frog looking spoon with reflective tape on half of it. About half way to Saugatuck. Tried in close and out to 50. Temps all the same 55 degrees. Need some cold water to come in.
  5. Thanks. Hoping to find some fish in close in the morning.
  6. I'm going to try to get out tomorrow out of Holland. Is the lot across the street with the cleaning station closed?
  7. emorrison

    Holland 9-26

    Thursday Holland 4-5 set up 120 headed west. 165 fow rigger 78 non mature king, 235 rigger 108 non mature king, lost a very big fish 240 fow on a 350 copper blue/yellow/chrome plug with blue dots. Got back into 100 fow rigger 72 mature coho rigger down 72 all rigger hits from large spinny chrome with green dots W/ proctologist fly. Then picked up laker bouncing bottom W/ spin n glow 100 fow. All speeds were around 2.5. Sorry if mistakes did this from my phone. Tight lines and be safe.
  8. Set lies around 3pm in 90 fow headed s.w. first fish 10# king 122 fow s.e. 2.2 sog 300 copper mag uv blue dolphin second fish 6# steelie 92 fow n.e. 2.7 sog rigger w/ 2 color 42 down jager bomb third fish 6# king 112 fow n. 3.3 sog 300 copper uv blue dolphin lost 4th fish 97 fow 300 copper uv blue dolphin. called it about 7pm got a little rough out there. Boat name MO Fish (Crestliner Fish hawk 1650)
  9. Set lines around 545 60 fow sw troll 2.2-2.5 2-2 Lakers first 6# laker 92 fow bouncing bottom Size 00 silver/gold dodger w/ white with red dots spin n glow UV wings started to get pretty rough turned boat around about 8 and started to pull lines in N.E. troll 2.5-3.0 2nd 2# Laker 94 fow same set up as first fish. I sure hope Sunday's weather is better both lakers were full of Alewifes Good Luck and stay safe!
  10. First post so let me know if I miss anything. Saturday 5/23 set out at 6am set up at 60 FOW 5-7 total 4 Lakers and a king. 1-3 on 150 copper with Mag. Green Flounder Pounder Glow (king) North troll 2.2 80 fow 4-4 Ball bouncing bottom size 00 dodger gold/silver and white with red dots spin and glow yellow UV bead. one at 64 fow sw troll 2.2 the other 3 75-80 fow north troll 2.2 Sunday 5/24 set out at 6am set up 60 fow 4-4 3 lakers and a King all fish caught in 64 fow King 200 copper standard size NBK North troll 2.2 Lakers same set up as Saturday one south troll 2.2 and 2 North 2.2 Would like to thank everyone on this site for the useful information. I finally got my first boat and will be doing a lot more Big Lake fishing. Special thanks to Dave Ash (Killin' it) for teaching me a lot out there. Hope to meet some more of you guys out there. I have a Crestliner fishhawk 1650 boat name MO fish.