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  1. Lots of good fish brought to the scales last weekend. The ladies tournament was won with a 5 fish box totaling 63 pounds-all lake trout. There was a 21.45 pound laker in the Am division as well as a 16 pound steelhead.

    I didn't fish the main tournament, just the 333 but we brought in a 13.65 pound brown while putting together a box to capture 4th place.

    It certainly was a mixed weekend. Everyone seemed to have one good day of fishing and another of nearly nothing.


  2. We fished in the Tight Lines for Troops event this weekend and was pleasantly surprised with the fish that came in

    One boat brought 11 fish to the scales and numerous 4 to 6 fish boxes. Fortunately for my boat, the COHO, this was a big fish tournament. My box of 4 fish had the winner in it at 16.35 pounds. I also had a 14 and a 12 pounder.

    Encouraging results for this early and the cold water.

  3. The CF31 is $750. Everything about this one is super nice except for some marks on the bottom. PM me your emal address and I'll send some pics. Shipping and insurance would add another $20. I'll be gone this AM but can send pics this afternoon. I have found the a large SD card holds plenty of data behind a closed door. A Cruzer Fit USB also holds up to 64GB of data and it will fit behind the closed back door on these units. The Touighbook is all that the name implies.:)

    Thanks Frank, no rush on my end. I pm'd you with my email address.

    Have a great day.


  4. Thanks Frank. The only reason I asked is my current "main" computer is getting ready to die so I thought that I would move my current backup unit into service and then maybe get one of your units as my "backup" which is my travel computer that I use when I teach classes (scuba), short videos but no gaming. That was the only concern that I had regarding the tech specs.

    Thank again. What would you be asking for the cf 31 unit you described?

  5. You are correct Mike I had a captains license in the past and could not agree more .Coast guard regulations permit you to run white lights in the aft of the boat and there is no mention of restriction in illumination brightness but should not impair the ability of others to navigate such as a directional spotlight.

    Running a boat with anything that restricts your ability to see in the dark is dangerous.

    My point is that as a approaching vessel the ability to see them I would rather see a boat with spreader lights on then no lights or covered stern light which limits the someone approaching from the stern to see them.

    And not that it really matters in the real world but my deck lights point nearly straight down to the floor not out the back over the transom.

  6. Or how about the boats running their lights off arches inside the pier heads. Very hard to drive behind these boats, they blind everyone. I know it's nice to get rods ready in the no wake zones but, it's like all the people leaving their truck headlights on at the ramp while backed down....obviously I could go on and on about all the safety and irritating things people do at the ramps and on the water!

    I agree with this being a big pain and a possible safety concern and I must admit that I have done this but I do try to remember to not turn them on until we have cleared the pier heads. If someone called me on the radio though I would certainly turn them off.

  7. We had 6 hits Sunday morning out of Manistee and 5 of those came on meat and 4 of those were on a wire dipsy. 21 1/2 lb king smashed the bait and my (experienced) first mate couldn't hardly get the rod from the holder the fish was putting so much pressure on the unit. By the time the customer started fighting the big king it had gotten nearly 200' of line off the reel. Gotta love the wire for stimulating bites and the adrenaline rush when fighting an excited fish.

  8. Agreed this is a concern but to me a larger concern wow be the people that don't use or don't have any lights. I followed a smaller boat out of the harbor this morning that the only light visible was their cell phone. Very scary and irritating.

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  9. Took my nephew out for a graduation present, along with his dad and another fella and his son. Fished 130 to 240 FOW and had 6 hits and landed 5. 3 Kings, a metal head and a coho. Big fish was a 21 1/2 king that had a pot belly. This fish wasn't processed as the fella that landed it wanted it whole but I am sure it was a female and planted to boot.

    5 of the 6 hits came on meat rigs with 10" SD with a UV Gasoline meat head took 3 hits, 10 " Kevins girlfriend and DW Green mile took one and 1 hit on a 10 " Froggy/chrome with an old green magnum meat head.

    I don't want to get bashed but 4 of the 5 meat hits came on meat strips that I whipped up yesterday and I want to test them further before sharing details. Right now I am hoping they become the latest and greatest.

    Still tough fishing out of Manistee with most of the fleet getting less than 7 or 8 hits per trip so I feel especially blessed with our trip.

    Can't wait until the next time.



  10. Beautiful night on the lake and the fish cooperated a bit. Went 11 for 16 though one had to be let go to grow up. 19 pound king and 13 pound lake trout were the best. Happy people on my boat.

    Mostly meat rigs and on long copper and wire divers back about 200. Hopefully the fishing is turning on now.

    130 to 250 fow. Most action came as the sun got low. We were done by 10

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