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  1. Had a family group charter tonight and was able to put smiles on their faces. 4 for 7. 13# King and a 10# Steelhead were the biggest. The bite was super slow until the sun hit the horizon then it picked up. 300 copper took 3 hits with UV meat rigs, some off brand spoon that one of the kids picked out took the steelhead on a 100 copper and a mixed veggie took a hit on a 4 color. Most of the action was in 150 to 170 FOW. Now to get read for Saturday and all the boats in the Salmon Splash tournament.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. No problem, I try to be as helpful as possible. Tonight we couldn't find a temp break until we were in 280 fow and found a break at about 65 but we lost it real quick. Though the colder water was deep (58 surface 50 down to 80 feet or so) we still had hits on 4 color; 6 color; 150 copper. Nothing to brag about but my people were happy 9 for 14.

    Have a great time fishing and be safe this summer. Tight Lines.

  3. 300 copper and Bloody Nose drew the most hits. Only had one hit all weekend on meet and that was on a 300 copper as well. Mixed Veggies and a Blue Dolphin drew hits as well. Double Trouble and Bloody Nose also drew hits on riggers 75 to 135 down. We never got into a fast and furious bite, just picked away at them. Marked fish (primarily) from 60 to 150 in 90 to 355. We did a bit of cruising into the deeper zones looking for some temp breaks trying for steelhead but couldn't find them.

    Hope this helps. I am going back out this PM with a group from the southeast part of the state and I hope we can still find them, or their big brothers and sisters.

    Have a great and safe summer. Tight Lines.

  4. The Bud Pro/Am was this past weekend (6/21 & 6/22) so lots of activity. Big fish were scare but a few over 18 were brought to the scales. My party had a great time fishing but the big fish were not to be found where we were. 8 for 8 on Saturday and 10 for 12 on Sunday so everyone got fish to take home. Weather was very good with a brief spell of fog on Saturday and more intense fog on Sunday.

    Fishing is good and picking up each week.

  5. Hello to all, I am in need of a experienced first mate or experienced boat driver for Monday June 23 for an afternoon charter. I am in Manistee and I have a small party going out for salmon fishing.

    I have a 34 foot Silverton with flybridge with twin inboards and the trip will be approximately 5 hours.

    If you are interested, or know someone who might be, email me at: [email protected].


  6. No problem Matt. You have done this long enough that you have valuable experience to share. I doubt that anyone there didn't learn something even if it was simply hearing something they knew but now see from a different perspective.

    Have a great summer and tight lines.

  7. I'm sure I won't be able to fish the tourney , but I've got some cash in the check book for a donation !!!!! I do not know why the Indians don't have to use a pole and spoons like we do .

    Since the day this started I felt that they should have to fish/hunt/etc. using the same methods and equipment they were using at the time of the treaty. But this is just one more form of welfare that the common person has to fund and live with.

  8. While 36in bags are likely small for your boat how big are the openings on the outlet. My son made me a adjustable bag years ago it has a second rope that when pulled closes the outlet which improves speed control. From fully open to fully close d it gave about 1 mph of speed control which on my 18ft would drop me down to under 1mph closed and around 2mph open. The reason I mention this is you may be able to modify your current bags to slow you down more.

    Interesting idea and for sure a cost savings. Could you explain how that was done? If it was something I could do I would consider it.


  9. I have a question for all you that have more knowledge than I do about this. I have a 34 foot Silverton and I ran two 36 inch bags last year and I was able to get down to the 2.5 to 2.9 sog range. I would like to get a bit slower this year so I wondering what I could expect if I ran two 42 inch bags this year or if I should just go to 48 inch?

    This is all new to me so I am still in the big part of my learning curve. Thanks for your help and any advice is welcome and appreciated.

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