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  1. lead-core

    Looking to get ratchet rod holders

    We run the Great Lakes holders/stinger holders (same thing) and love them not exactly a ratcheting but great diver holders! About $80 each online. They have be adjusted at any spot instead of just the set grooves on ratcheting holders. Give them a look! Plus American
  2. lead-core

    How much gear lost this year?

    a 300' and 350' copper 5 min. apart.... ill stop there....
  3. lead-core

    Meat Rig Discussion

    200+ coppers, wire and mag divers, riggers-back 60+ feet, and we usually have a set time to come in so if its dead were not missing much. tournament time stick it out till the bitter end and meat rigs late morning is all we get bit on usually and there usually big dawgs. all we run is stinger flashers 8" and 8" spinnies.
  4. lead-core

    Planer board

    ziggy boards (copper model) with sams pro release and offshore or16 clips! all we run from 3colors-300coppers.