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  1. the rod holders are sold

  2. Ratchets to the vertical position when you pick up your diver rod Designed and built to stand up to the heavy loads of your diver rods Adjusts to 9 locking positions with positive locking latch pin $300 for the pair
  3. Silver Pro Tournament Electric Downrigger(captains pack) w/ auto stop & swivel bases $400each or $750 pair obo
  4. Save your money and buy a Fish Hawk X4. of for around $150 get the Fish Hawk TD
  5. once you have a flasher fly set up that works you should leave that setup together if you are able. If that isnt a option no-knots work well http://www.lake-link.com/business/index.cfm/943/The-No-Knot/
  6. when one cooler fills up and the other is empty.
  7. looks like a Great event!
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