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  1. Anyone know of fish style molds for sale?  I desperately need 2  of the 12# and 1 of the 14#.  Will pay just bout any asking price.   Thanks

  2. Type in 12# fish shape downrigger mold, I just found a couple of place have them. We have a 15# fish mold and use it on the outside riggers with the Depth Raider Probe and very minimal Blowback. We also use the 20# sharks from A-tomic on our inside riggers and love them for deep fishing. Check you Downrigger Weight restrictions, we use Big Jon Brutes which can handle the weight.
  3. This is our 2004, 299 Baha cruiser. We used our 4 Big Jon Brute's from our previous 252 Sportcarft and also the same idea but taller bird tree rod holders. We went from 3 rod holders to 5. The boat is coming out of storage early March and I will post more pictures after that. The pic with the motors shows the extra rocket launchers and the bird trees during the manufacturing process. All the bird trees and the downrigger bars are backed with 1/2" Aluminum bars.
  4. We recently installed the Lumitec Capri2 on the new Flywasher. We like these due the fact that they are able to be switched from white to blue and they are small. They are bright, I will see if I have pics I can post later
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