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  1. Having trouble with getting the attaching a photo to the message but below is a link to a page that shows the black blade flasher--again this is the in-line low drag, spinning type--with the UV tape on it. http://www.spinnerdavetipstactics.com/technique-tips.html
  2. I am a long way from your waters here in Alaska but I (and fellow king/coho anglers) have found over the last few years that UV is definitely a plus. We don't do the deep thing as much as you guys do but in 60 plus foot water, I personally don't think you can have too much UV. We use the no drag/inline flashers the most here and the best one, by far is a black base with uv tape-- the "money" flasher has been chartreuse UV tape over the black base. My finding is that the shallower you go, unless it is really murky water, UV becomes less of a factor than just good contrasting colors...my 2 cents...
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