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  1. I use the snubber instead of their break away but I never get the probe very close to bottom. The main reason I started running snubbers was because I lost a probe.
  2. I fish Lake Superior a lot I don't run anything heavier than 10 color lead. My inside boards are not modified and there walleye boards, they handle it no problem. My lighter setups that I want to run farther out I run opti boards with a or16in rear they pull lighter stuff farther out than the walleye boards but don't handle as much weight. My farthest out boards I run off shores with the lockjaw releases front or16 back they could interchange with the opti boards run the same but like front clip on optis better but like a front clip on my outside boards that doesn't slip down braid. If I was just running one set of boards and 10 colors was heaviest I would run it would be walleye boards. Next year I'm gonna try the SAMs pro releases on a couple sets of offshore boards thing that would be the best setup for our spring fishing on outside boards. I have a set of tx 44's I seldom run because everyone hates to reel them in, you definitely don't want to run on lighter setups. I've converted a couple people to inline boards and they always get the walleye boards because they were the ones they like best but are disappointed when they use them on their boats for outside lines with heavier stuff. I run a 300 copper and heavier a lot but I always run it down the chute, if I fished on Lake Michigan more I would run it out on boards to avoid tangles but our fish don't run much. I don't really need the lockjaw releases except on powerpro set ups when there's not much weight but a lot of line in water. The board ends up sliding down and chewing up releases, don't need them for mono or leadcore with power pro backer. Probably would of been way cheaper if I'd known about 1 maniacs mods when I started, but I'm set up now. I want to try the SAMs pro real eases for our spring fishing with flat lines would make it easier to get our small coho in on outside boards.
  3. My favorite time of the year to fish superior out of loons foot, you can catch salmon, trout and walleye. It can take a while to find the fish but once you do you can stay on them and do real well, but one day there in 100' the next day in 40'.
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