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  1. I have a underwater LED made by sea blaze. I got it from west marine. Works great for netting fish in the dark
  2. Igloo has a nice cooler. The marine ultra glide. It is a 110 quart has a extendable handle and wheels. Got one at menards for $99. Worth the money
  3. Thanks for the report. Fished last Saturday biggest fish in the boat was 16 lbs. Lost a couple of big fish.ended up with 5 fish Saturday night.copper lines and riggers worked. Heading up Saturday to fish for the week.
  4. Heading up to Frankfort this weekend would appreciate any reports from there.
  5. Fished 50 to 130 fow boated 1 lake trout 1 king 1 coho 2 steelhead and 1 pink . Orange spoons on lead lines and pink spoons on riggers worked well. It was a great day to be on the lake.
  6. Nice steelhead.I took a buddy and his son out of port sanilac this Saturday hoping to get his son his first salmon. Fished from 40 ft to 90 ft marked a lot of fish and only had one taker. It was a 7 1/2 pound steelhead that came on an orange crush spoon on 6 color in 70 ft . It was great to see him get his first steelhead. I think he might be hooked on this fishing thing.
  7. Went 5 for 6 . Fished 20 to 50 fow. 3 coho1 steelhead 1 lake trout. Black and purple body baits on 4 to 6 colors of lead and small orange spoons on down riggers worked best.
  8. Fished there all last week caught fish from 80ft to 300 ft fish were scattered everywhere meat rigs worked and anything that glowed.
  9. I was up in Frankfort from the 18th to the 25 th had about the same luck as you
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