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  1. Yeck Down Rigger Weights Yeck 10# pancake style down rigger weights with 2 Scotty releases, 2 Scotty stacker releases, and 2 Offshore releases, $75.00 if interested call or text 616-481-5813
  2. Lund Stand-Up Pedestal Boat Seat Lund Pedestal "Baseball" Stand-Up boat seat, fits current model Lund boats, $175.00 if interested call or text 616-481-5813.
  3. Al & Bob's and D&R Sports K-zoo
  4. Launch was busy by 5am, set up in dark in 60FOW by 5:30 with first fish in dark just before 6am on diver back 80' with moonshine spoon in 70FOW. Second fish at 9am with fixed slider UV clown spoon set 15' above weight set 50 ' down in 110FOW. Water was 68* with light SE wind, a lot of chatter on radio with good coolers of fish. We ended 2/2 King and Steelhead. Heard some good perch reports so hopefully the wind Sunday and Monday wont stir things up too much.
  5. That is the catch I have been looking for all year. We have done decent but no Coho...yet. Good job
  6. I have a pair of manual Bigjon Captain Pak's. I am looking for first hand experience with the ease of use between the Bigjon and Cannon clutch to lower the weight. If you have used both...Which is easier to use, control rate of fall, location of rod holder, etc... My issue is the clutch is not predictable, changes with humidity, different from one to the other. I know the no clutch units require 2 hands but I used Proos Manuals for years and they were bullet proof and pulled up 3 foot of cable per turn. Thanks
  7. The Igloo Marine series is a nice cooler and the price is right at Costco (also sounds like Sam's as well). I know West marine carries them and one with wheels but not as attractive a price and the others mentioned.
  8. Its more fun when you don't know what your doing. Seems like you catch more fish too. Glad you had fun that makes it worth the trip. I take my son and dad fishing every chance I get nice to see families sharing what they love to do. Good luck this weekend.
  9. Not much to report, fished Sunday night, water warmed up to 51 degrees at surface, fishing was slow with one quick hit on a blue dolphin on dipsy and nothing after. Everyone else on radio reported much the same. Marked good fish at 157fow.
  10. Great morning on the water went 6 for 10, 3 king, 1 laker, 1 steel head, 1 coho, could'nt hook up solid with dippsy and copper strikes. 150fow fish came on spoons with green, paddle/fly with white and all over the water column. Biggest king flirting with 20 pound came on rigger and paddle dragging the bottom. Direction of troll didn't seem to matter, surface temp was 39 degrees.
  11. Nice morning on the water and fishing was'nt bad either. Went 4 for 5 with three nice king and a big laker. Hot spoon was die hard (similar to gator). Best marks for us were at 160fow 70 and 90 down on north south troll. Most of the boats were in 135fow and reporting good fish. Water was 49 degrees.
  12. South Haven this morning with 9 others, fished south almost to the power plant. Marker very few, caught every raindrop, snow fake, sleet and hail that landed in the boat. But I got to go.
  13. Fished St Joe Wednesday 4/3. DNR ramp still no docks (email DNR parks and recreation to motivate), shallow water but still accessable (I have 19' w/tandem axel no problems), stay to the right sor 2 - 3 feet of water first few hundred yards, then main channel is good. River water was 45, dirty water in lake was 42, open water 37 - 39, trolled piers south to Cook power plant from 28 fow to 10 fow, tried every body bait and color (no poons this trip). No fish but a beautiful day. Good luck
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