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  1. http://lansing.craigslist.org/boa/4972910662.html For sale is a 1992 Sea Ray 330 Express. It is set up for Salmon fishing and can been seen at Charlie's Marina in Pentwater Mi.. I have also attached a link to the Craigslist add with more pictures and a brief description of the boat. I am asking $24,000 or best offer. If you have any further question please let me know. Thanks Erik
  2. I got the Fishhawk X-4 last year and I have never had a problem with it. It is a big improvment from the old 840. The Probe works awsome with alot less blow back than the old unit. I have used the other units on different boats and the bigest problem I see with thoughs units is the coated cable. It seems to always get nicked and you start to lose signal. I would recomend the X-4 to anyone even though it costs a little more I think it is worth it.
  3. I keep my boat in Pentwater and we usually start out about a mile or to North of the Dunes (or Juniper Beach is what the locales call it.) Then head south. In front of the sand dunes can be hit or miss. If they are there it is a good time otherwise it can be a dead zone like this weekend. This weekend you either needed to be to the North or South of them If you made it down to the point there where quite a few fish down there and back to the North of the sand there where some good pockets. Down at the point the currents are vary strong and can twist your gear up quickly so dont make any sharp turns if you are dragging alot of gear. There is not really a run that comes up the river there like in ludington or ports to the north. Fish do go up the river there but they are not up it yet. As for depths to fish they can vary. There have been some pretty bigg blows the last couple of weeks so they change almost dailey lately. Good Luck
  4. One of my best baits is a black squid with a 8 inch black spin doctor with white crush tape on it. I ussually use it on a dipsy. It seems to bring in some of the biggest fish.
  5. If I where you I would put the third rigger on. I have a 33 searay express and run four big johns. My dad has a 34 searay sudancer and runs 6 cannons. I have not had a problem netting on either boat.
  6. I Fish out of Pentwater. Up there every weekend and about a month in the Summer. Ussually only make it up to the projects. Normally fish teh little point to Stoney Lake. Alot less boats down there.
  7. My vote is for Sea Ray. I am one my second one now and they ride and quality is great. I used to have a 24' now I am up to a 33'.
  8. Yep thats my boat in the picture I keep it in pentwater at charles marina.
  9. Hi everone this is the first time I have added to yor discussion. I ussually just read what the fishing report is and how people are doing during deer season. Any way I plan on adding a couple more lead core poles. Probably seven colors and a couple of 2 or three colors to run off of the riggers. I will also add a few more dipsey poles. The more hooks in th ewater the better.
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