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  1. I could not bring up the walleye after dark video. I was looking for new ideas for this type of fishing. In past years at Burt Lake I logged hundreds of hours fishing in the dark. Usually in 10 feet or less water. I used both types of boards. Bicycle blinker lights work great to keep track of your big boards attached to the flag. If you dunk them in the water and just shake them out and they're ready to go again. Glow in the dark tape or paint on the rod tips with a small led light shining up helps to indicate strikes. Lighted bobbers work on inline boards. Full moon, clear sky, no lights needed. Always shallow running baits 20 to 50 feet back. I've caught nearly every species in Burt after the sun goes down. Walleye, Pike, bass, rock bass, muskie, even catfish. Does anyone fish Saginaw Bay after dark?
  2. I enjoyed your report. I've been there. This year I started fishing for eyes in Augres with limited success. But I've been using either boards or inlines since the late 70's. Learned the hard way (tangles) also. Now I have very little problem bringing my outside (inline board) over the other lines and back to the boat. It is not a problem so much with the amount of line out as it is with the angle of the line as it runs in the water behind the board. If you are running inline boards. (That's all I run). IF your outside bait reaches your target depth with less line out then your inside bait you have a winning chance of bringing in two lines or more. I seldom have a problem passing my outside board within a foot of each other because I make sure the angle of the outside bait is less then the one closer to the boat even when I want both to run at the same depth. When there is a fish on, the line usually raises in the water column clearing other lines as it comes to the boat. Hope this helps. Good luck and good fishing.
  3. I hope to hear you on the radio starting Sunday afternoon with your reports. I just started fishing out of Augres this year and I'm still learning the area. I enjoy your posts and have adopted not only yours but other fisherman tricks and tactics. I stay in the Augres Marina Campground just south of the river. If you are up to it and the weather cooperates swing by and maybe we can fish together. 80% of the time I'm fishing alone and I'll be up there from Sunday through Thursday of this week. If you have the time and are up for a boat ride maybe we can fish together and I can learn some of your tactics. Slipsinker

  4. You might check at Franks outdoors in Linwood. They were a hundred bucks cheaper for a pair of BJ quad trees then Lord of the Riggers earlier this spring.
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