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  1. I'd say price range is around 1500 or less of course. Currently we have a 10" screen so it needs to be at least 7".
  2. We are looking to replace our lowrance. We fish primarily lake Erie and lake Michigan, so a good sonar and chartplotter are the most important. Not interested in lowrance as they have the worst customer service of any company I've ever seen. That said what do people recommend? Primarily we are looking at the hummingbird and Garmin. Will any of the down imaging help us? Which one has the best sonar? Thanks for any help
  3. So what is the real difference between the open ocean, the sea runner, and the pro-v? Also what does the extended transom gain you, or lose? Also what about standard vs extended enclosure, don't you loose too much deck with the extended? And one last question what about rod and tackle storage, how much is there? Sorry for all the questions just trying to learn a little more about the hewescraft. Thanks
  4. Jay, What about trolling in solid 1-3's or even 2-4's? With our current boat you just get thrown around to really try to fish in those conditions. Also what about fishing with 4 adults and maybe even the occasional 5th?
  5. If I was to take a look at hewescraft, of course I know I'd have to up my budget, what would that really gain me handling wise in rougher water?
  6. So we currently have a 20' aluminum deep-v boat with a 225 on it and a kicker. When we bought the boat our plan was to fish all over the place, and we did, but over time that has changed. Now we seem to pretty much just fish Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. We do some perching and some jigging but we do mostly trolling. We have slowly acquired a fair amount of trolling gear. Now getting that trolling gear on our boat along with the fisherman can be a lot of work, and sometimes not as enjoyable as it should be. Also 4 of us on the boat makes it crowded with all the gear. And fishing in a little rougher water isn't real desirable with the open bow and not much area to take cover, the same is true for colder weather. So it is time to look for something that suits us better. What we are looking for is something that when they forecast 1-3 that we don't automatically say so much for this weekend. Here is a list of our requirements/wants 1. Able to be trailered, this is a big one 2. Outbound motor(s), another big one as we like to fish late and early 3. Able to fish at least 4 comfortably if not more 4.something not to large, probably under 25 maybe around 23? 5. Mid 20k price range, used obviously 6. Not a cc,I want a windshield 7. A hard top and enclosure, even if we have to add these 8. Be able to give me a smoother dryer ride than what we have now With all this being said I'm new to the world of fiberglass boats. I'm looking for any recommendations as to what to look at, and what to stay away from. And what to look for, and where to look. I appreciate any and all information you might be able to give me. Thanks in advance
  7. Welcome aboard. You will find this site has a great group of guys. I too fish the New Buffalo area quite a bit. I did pretty good out there last year and look forward to the same this year.
  8. I run 2 batteries as well. One is for the main motor only. This battery has nothing else what so ever hooked up to it. My second battery is a deep cycle that has my sonars, chartplotter, radio, stereo and all lighting hooked to it. This battery also has my kicker hooked to it. The kicker hooked to it serves two purposes, one it charges as I am trolling, and two it has a pull start so I can start this even if this battery is dead. I prefer to not hook anything to the primary/main motor battery as I don't like being 10 miles out and have a dead battery, before I had 2 batteries this did happen. I has actually out on Erie perching listening to the stereo and the radio, went to leave and it was dead in the water. We were about 8 miles out at this time. This is a bad feeling. We were lucky to have a pull start kicker so we started the kicker for about 15 min and that was enough to charge the battery enough to start the big motor. I can assure you that will never be a problem again.
  9. I have 4 core setups that I run with a fair amount of success, but I to am wondering if there are any advantages to copper over the lead. I currently run a 10, 8, 6, and a 4 core. At times I wish I was running a little deeper but really don't want to run a 16 core. Since I do want that extra depth I am debuting on adding snap weights to my cores if I do want that extra depth.
  10. Do I just replace my end Eyelet with this? If so I am interested, one of my lead core rods has a bad tip due to the lead core running through it.
  11. Thanks Mike for setting up this tournament. I know it take a fair amount of time to organize and I am sorry we didn't get to fish it, but that is life. I look forward to it next year. Thanks agian, Andy
  12. Just up for for a little bit of a challenge and some fun.
  13. I want to say major kudos to you for starting a Walleye Section. I do more walleye fishing than I do salmon. Ya they don't fight like a salmon but they sure to taste good.
  14. nice little instructional video. Now for a couple questions. Why not attach it to the leader, say close to the lead? Or why not attach it to the backing right after the lead? Also have you tried to attach them straight to your line(like power pro)? will they hold to that small of a diameter? If so I can really use these for my walley fishing. Also what do they roughly cost?
  15. I ended up doing a 10, 8, 6, 4. I figured that would give a good range and about 8-10 feet of depth between them. I can run my 6 and 10 on one sire and my 4 and 8 on the other.
  16. I'm looking for a report out of New Buffalo or St. Joe. Hoping to fish one of them Friday night and sat morning. Thank you
  17. I'll have more now that I know how to use the software to make them. Also I got my camcorder to work, I just needed to get a fire wire.
  18. I take that back, I might have to buy a seperate cable. I'll have to go check my cables. But I have been wanting to put my miniDVs on the computer, so I'll have to get this figures out.
  19. If you had only 4 leadcore setups what lengths(how many colors) would you have? I am in the process of setting up 2 more and I am going to redo the other 2 I have.
  20. it does but I But I haven't figures out what software I need to get it onto the computer
  21. love the idea. I was able to take a look at it and it seems to run well. can't wait for more videos. I might have one or two, and I will be sure to get a lot more this year. Man I wish I knew how to get my miniDV onto my computer.
  22. I have Power pro now as my backing but I am getting ready to setup 2 more lead cores and redo the ones I have now. I am not sure if I want to stay with Power pro or go with mono. And If I go with mono do I use 20lb or move up to 25lb. Another possibility is to run a 100' to 200' of Power pro than a mono backing. so many options Also if I was to have 4 core setups what would you recommend?
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