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    I am the owner and cpatain of Sara K Fishing Charters. I am an avid outdoorsmen.
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  1. Hey Matt, Since ive been through the exact same thing ill give you my two cents and exactly what im doing. I got my captains license when I was 18 while I was in my freshmen year in college. Most guys who were in my class were going a week at a time either taking off work or school, what I did was take the class a few times a weekend for 3 weekends that will give you enough hours. I know that is a little off topic of what you were talking about but really it will allow you the time for school during the week. It took me five years to complete my bachelors degree even with a pre-med biology major and I never have once regreted gaining my captains license in that time. It looks phenominal on all applications and gives you an added level of maturity into your life stlye. The people you will meet and discover alone makes it worth while, even if your not actaully running a boat itself. Heck most of the time its more enjoyable mating on a boat with your license then it is running your boat at all times. You can give the main captain a break once in a while and still have the fun factor in fishing. I can tell you personally there are sometimes to many headaces into running your own business. Eventually you have to look into the future before fishing, pays your dues now and enjoy the life when your done. Having the money and being able to buy the boat of your dreams makes it all worth while in the end knowing you got there working your tail off in school. Renewing you license is no big deal $95 every five years makes it worth having it even if your not using it! You will open more doors then you can ever believe, heck I put my qualifications on my application into Medical School and I can pretty much gaurntee no one else will have that on an application. It makes you different then everyone and gives you that upper edge! Ok now I will get off my soap box lol, sorry if that was a little long but good luck either way you go! Capt. Greg Sheremeta
  2. Anything in Green, Blue or even Red Big Weenie meat rigs worked fantastic for us. . By far though the best rig we had last year was a Purple UV Death Meat Rig, there was just something about the black/purple color that was produtive no matter what the conditions were like.
  3. Ill send some right now, and its a 97 loving it too.
  4. i have my old charter boat its a 31' cherokee, its a 94 in excellent conidition the motors have a little higher hours on it but it runs flawlessly. I put a new C70 Raymarine on it two years ago, along with a ew radar dome and GPS. It has a new Raymerina Auto Piolt and everything. Also comes with its own traielr. Asking 28,000. Let me know if you might be interested
  5. I wont have a booth there this year, but Ill be wondering around the show as usual lol. What booth will you be at Josh?
  6. Biggest thing I would say is make sure you get a good survey. Purchased a 33 open last year and had a deposit on one 33 and come to find out stringers were bad, all the through haul fittings needed to be replaced, and finally the boat was actually in Salt water for a period of time, which was not in the original ad. Long story short, spent a little more time looking around and found an immaculate 33 Open up in Bay Harbor. Boat only had 200 hours on it and was totally worth the wait. Make sure you do your homework and find one that has been well taken care of, it will pay off in the long run. Oh fuel injected engines were a huge selling point for me!
  7. Alright first post on GLF!, Gary looking forward to the show, hopefully they get our booth aset up somewhere near yours, be easier to pass the bloody marys haha. See ya there!
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