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  1. It was a great morning to be on the water. I got started late at 9:00 and fished until 1:00 pm. Ended up 4 for 4, mixed bag with 2 lakers, a steelhead, and a king. Fished 200-235 with hits in 220-230 fow. The fish were deep (100+) with exception to the steelhead that hit a 200 steel. The water at 100 feet down was 52 degrees. 

    This was my first trolling trip with the new to me boat and I couldn’t be happier with how it fishes. 


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  2. Took a mid day trip out of Soha. Trolled 50-90 fow. Picked up a few lakers and a nice king in 50 fow. SOG was 2.3. Ended up going 9 for 10 with a small throw back coho. Moonshine half moons and RV were the ticket on divers and riggers. Long lines were pretty much dormant. 


    Sorry for the bloody fish photo. I should have washed them off before taking a picture. 


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  3. I have 2 triple horizontal rod trees from Traxstech/Pursuit. Selling because I bought the vertical tree style and no longer need these. 


    Both trees slide into Cannon, Bert’s, Traxstech, Cisco track systems. The track is 18 in long and tree riser is approximately 5 in. The trees are in great cosmetic and functioning condition. $500 for both. These retail for close to $700 plus tax.







  4. Friday-

    Went 9 - 14 in 90-110 FOW on a north troll straight out from the pier heads. 2.7-2.9 SOG.


    Went 5 - 10 in 90-120 FOW on north and south trolls. 2.4-3.2 SOG.

    I don't recall all the exact details since I was preoccupied resetting lines, but here is a brief recap of set ups that took multiple fish.

    Rigger 90 down - white paddle with pearl tape, arctic blast fly. (ON FIRE)

    Dipsy 225 ft out - green and white spin doctor w/ hammered back, green headed meat rig.

    Copper 300 ft w/ 2 oz dive bomb - green spatter j plug

    Copper 300 ft (32lb) - Mountain Dew flasher, Mountain Dew fly.

  5. That was me that went 3 for 7. Yesterday morning I was on a solo run, so missing the 4 fish MUST be excused. :)

    I heard a lot of people talking about catching lakers and some big kings in 80-100 FOW, but I couldn't get anything to go, so I headed out to 120-140 FOW, fishing down 80-90 feet.

    Despite a real nice comfortable SW troll going with the 1-3 footers, I couldn't get action even though there were lots of good marks. As soon as I turned NNE *into* the waves, I started getting hits. Early hits came on whites & greens, after 8:30 AM, blues were best.

    Since I was solo, I only had my two downriggers and a meat rig on a dipsy. Big White/Chrome 11" paddles with Poofster flies took the early hits, while Blue/White NBK Pro-Troll w/ Mirage fly and a Blue/White meat rig hit later.

    Interesting trying to solo reel in and net a feisty 18-pound King coming in on a dipsy rig. I finally gave up on the juggling act and just yanked him in through the transom door. :lol:

    Thanks for the detailed reply. 3 for 7 is a good day especially for a solo trip.

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