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  1. Did you leave the boys at home? Or are they liking the berth below.
  2. You should get a discount for having to clean your boat. I dislike it when people are careless. Gas is the water is so toxic and totally preventable.
  3. Very nice. Can't tell who is happier...you or the boy. I bet he is begging to go with ya.
  4. Nice, mikey. Send some jerky my way.
  5. Hes trying to get at the "hen" in the house. LOL
  6. OTTAWA (CP) - Canada and the United States are launching a $17.5-million study to determine why water levels in the upper Great Lakes have declined to near-record lows. The study by the International Joint Commission will consider a number of possible causes, from climate change to erosion caused by dredging in the St. Clair River. Environment Minister Rona Ambrose announced $500,000 for the study last week. But officials say that is just the first installment in what will be a major, five-year research effort. Ambrose noted that water levels in Georgian Bay together with Lakes Huron and Michigan were as much as 45 centimeters below average this summer. "Clearly, the health of this ecosystem has global significance," she told a news conference at Parry Sound. "Change is already upon us." Huron and Michigan are at their lowest levels since the 1960s and Lake Superior is at its lowest since 1926, reports the Canadian Hydrology Service at Burlington, Ont. The decline has caused problems for navigation, recreation, power generation and the ecology of the area. Wetlands are drying up, docks are stranded and beaches in some areas are overgrown with weeds. Citing a study by Blair Associates of Oakville, Muter said the Lake Huron-Michigan water level decreased by 2.4 cm between 2000 and 2005, which she described as a major drop. "If you converted half a centimeter into volume of water you'd be talking millions of gallons of water." Yet the lower lakes, Ontario and Erie, are at or slightly above normal levels, which has scientists baffled. Normally, water levels throughout the lakes would rise and fall more or less in tandem. Computer models simulating climate change predict that water levels will decline throughout the Great Lakes, but don't explain why the upper lakes would be affected more than the others. "The real thing that's got everybody concerned is not only are Lake Michigan and Huron dropping, but they're dropping relative to Erie," said Frank Quinn, a hydrology consultant at Tecumseh, N.Y. "The lakes have been low in the past, but the graphs show that all of a sudden starting probably in the late 1980s or early 1990s there came a major difference in the water levels. "If it was just generally low lake levels you would expect to find the same problem on Erie and Huron." One possible explanation is that global warming has changed rainfall patterns, said Ralph Moulton at the Canadian Hydrology Service. There has been unusually low rainfall this year in Northern Ontario compared with the southern part of the province, but it's not clear if that is part of a trend. Another possible culprit is dredging in the St. Clair River when the St. Lawrence Seaway was being completed. The theory is that the dredging led to accelerated erosion, allowing increased outflow to Lake Erie. "By dredging they removed the hard covering core of the bottom sediments," said Muter. "Once you remove that layer you expose soft eroding clay to a very high current there." source http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Science/2006/09/17/1853156-cp.html
  7. People are whinning about the use of lead in leaders and such.....what do they think bullets are made of? This has accident waiting to happen written all over it.
  8. I might be having issues....Can anyone help.
  9. Welcome to the site. Great looking fish. Hope to see ya around.
  10. http://www.glwi.uwm.edu/research/aquaticecology/cladophora/ Good article explaining algae growth and causes on lake michigan.
  11. It is terrible and sad. He was a great spokesperson for the preservation of natural habitat.
  12. I fill the postage paid envelpes until it is almost bursting. Usually with flyers from the newspaper. Then i pop it in the mail. The addressee will have to pay more for the over weight item. Just make sure that nothing with your name on it is placed in the envelope. hehe
  13. Need to do some educating in the school system too. Most schools here have a day were all the kids get to tie a message to a balloon with their addy to see if they get a response. Some educators need to be educated in what is "bio-degradable".
  14. That is terrible. Maybe it might be possible to set up a "fishchat" in MSN to take its place. I don't know what the limit is for peeps in one window, but we could always test it out. ....
  15. Hello everyone. It has been a while since i have been here. Thought i would re-introduce myself before i start getting busy reading all the great posts. Fall is almost upon us and it is time to start canning and finishing garden work. What a great way to procrastinate to come to this great forum. Hope to see ya all in the "fishChat" lol.
  16. Just charge your buds 10 bucks every time they go fishing with you and give the money to the wife....that way you can tell her that it is a good idea...the boat is making money. LMAO I hope it works for you to get your boat, owning a boat is sweet.
  17. I have to agree with you on this one GLF. There is nothing worse then having something borrowed and returned reeking of smoke. My favorite thing is the peeps who don't smoke in their house or cars cause it stinks. But will want to smoke in yours!!
  18. Hehehehe, Her fish is bigger than your fish. Nice catch
  19. When talking to a couple of friends about recipes for fish i found that many people don't know how to easily smoke samon or trout. All you need is a bbq and a piece of cedar lumber. Make sure the cedar is NON-TREATED. 1 Large Trout...(Or what you caught lol) Lemon 1 Piece cedar lumber Spices Skin the fish, remove tail, head and all the fins. Season inside and out with spices of your choice, eg. Parsley, lemon pepper, lemon, garlic, etc. Preheat the BBQ to medium high. Place fish on cleaned piece of lumber. Place on BBQ, close lid and cook for 10 to 15 minutes, or until fork penetrates the meat very easily. Flip fish over and cook for about another 10 to 15 minutes. The BBQ will heat the piece of cedar enough to create a small smoke house. Do not allow the board to start on fire Also try to not open the BBQ frequently, if you do the cooking will take longer. Once cooked, remove fish from board and place on platter. Sorround it with rice and enjoy. Be brave and try it!
  20. I find mounts difficult to keep clean. They seem to get really dusty so we just catch for sport/eating.
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