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  1. Went 3-5 this AM, all kings 10-20. Temp was 49 degrees, 15’ down. Started about Grace Road in 70 feet of water and headed south to stay away from the pack in front of the piers and took our first fish off a two color and a happy meal moonshine plug just at first light. Just after landing that fish the down rigger popped with a Carbon 14. Landed that fish and a five color went with a TNT Moonshine but we broke off midway in the last color of lead. Trolled to about the creek, swung around and all the way back to the north of hang glider hill before we took another fish on a NBK off 2 color. Five minutes later a seven color with green froggie popped, made a good run and broke off the floro. Picked up and headed in about 9:45. Many boats scattered from the hole to past the point, but did not hear of a large concentration of fish any one place. Did see fish being caught in the bay on the way to the dock.
  2. I fish with Matos23. We have been getting most of our fish on the north side of the hole over the weekend. Temp was 25-30. We were 3-5 in front of the piers on Sunday night. Immediately took a fish on a Black screwball off diver at 55 and a fish on another diver at 70 when we turned around to come across the mouth again. Missed a double on blue flounder pounder off the DR and a two color with a double glow dragon ribs. Took our last fish on a mongolian beef off a three color. Last night we set up in front again at 7:30 and did not take a hit. Started working our way south and into 70-90 FOW and took two off a Black Screwball on a diver at 80 and lost one on a Carbon 14 free slider parked at 40 that broke off the swivel at the bottom plug. Re-set that line with a MJ SS free slider and it immediately popped again, but we missed that fish when it ran into the three color. All are hits were within about 40 minutes at the witching hour, all black. No hits off the boards. It was such a nice night out that we decided to troll from the hole all the way back to the harbor after dark, looking for the late night action. Did not take a hit for three hours and called it a night at about 12:30. Storm rolling through this morning and the forecast is calling for 4-6 for the next 18 hours or so before backing off. Here is a pic of Matos' 28#er:
  3. Fish out of Frankfort When I set my spread, I usually make a decision that I am going to fish a spoon spread or a plug spread. If I am fishing spoons it is usually all spoons. If I am on plugs, maybe one spoon in the spread. I might have one fly/squid combo out, but usual not more than one until the coho are starting to stack up. Questions: Is this the norm or do you mix your spoons and plugs? When do you start going from spoons to plugs? Is it depth, water temp, time of season or just reports of fish starting to be caught on plugs that causes you to switch over? I seem to find that as the season progresses from sometime in late July or August I am fishing with plugs more than spoons.
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