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  1. 1996 pursuit 2150 walk powered by a 150 Yamaha saltwater series II and a 1999 Yamaha 9.9 kicker. loaded to fish the great lakes. asking 14,900 or b.o. call/text Darrin for details and pictures @ 612-965-4646 located in Plymouth mn.
  2. I bought a 96' pursuit 2150 walk last year. It has a 150 yamaha ob, a 9.9 kicker and a fish-on radar arch. Only thing missing is a auto pilot for the kicker and a radar. You can see a picture of it on glangler.com. Its been a great boat:)
  3. A stainless steel piano hinge is a good replacement for the plastic ones.
  4. I think theres enough room on the bow. Ill have to pick one up and play with it. Wheres a good place to buy one?
  5. Thinking about getting a Go Light for the boat and was wondering if its better to mount it on the bow or radar arch? Also any model recommendations? I have a 96' Pursuit 2150. Thanks!
  6. I put a Fish On radar arch on my 96' 2150 Pursuit walk last spring. Mounting is definitely a two man operation:) Cant go wrong for the price. I also pulled wires through and mounted Coastal lights and a nav light. The side rod holders tended to slip under load. I contacted Fish On and they said they have improved the design and will send me new replacements. Other than that I have been very happy with the arch!
  7. I use scotty's releases. There are two different tension settings. I use the looser setting and bury the line all the way into the pad for all lures and depths. The only time I use the heavy setting is if I am pulling paddles deep. I feel you are better off with a release that will trip with bigger fish but might need to assist smaller fish with the release. I think the fish get a better hook set if they gotta tug a bit against the release. I also set my rods nearly horizontal to the water and cinch them tight enough so most of the bow is out of the line. The Scotty's have a 12" leader that helps you see shakers better. I have used blacks in the past and they do work well, but I think the Scotty's are a little easier on the line and easier to set.
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