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    Freshman salmon fisherman on great lakes.Trying to figure it out....
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  1. On the water @ 6am, winds 5-10 NNW, water was bumpy. 90 fow downriggers (2) at 65/45 with sliders. went north and south, (2 times, a few miles each))no fish. marked only a few on finder. around 10am water calmed down some, still no fish. called it a day at 11:30am. will try again monday if weather permits.
  2. Not to much action, Put one king in the boat. 20lb, 70 fow, gear @ 40 ft. Caught on purple w/blk trim spoon. late mourning 0900. went about 1 mile out then went north.
  3. Went out of frankfort on tues. went south @ 110 fow, gear @ 60-70. picked up one king with 2 other releases. Blue and gold spoon. not much action otherwise. Heading out Sat. from Onekema weather permiting.
  4. Thanks Guys for the advice. It seems that more line was required to get an accurate reading. Did not take into account the lenght of the pole in the equation.:dntknw Seems to be a simple solution. I've been lurking for awhile now, and absorbing the great info and advice. Looking forward to my first outing. Again Thanks...
  5. Hello Guys, First post here for a new-bee on this site.. I just purchased a pair of Diawa 47LC reels(direct drive line counter) I spooled it up with 16lb Trilene. For a test I measured 25 ft on the ground, marked it with a stick. Then I set the pole in a holder on the boat. (Zeroed the reel)Then released the spool and pulled out the line to my mark on the ground. (stick @ 25 ft.) The reel measured 33 ft. ??? Performed this test several times, without drag on,clicker on,clicker off, name it I tried it.. I would assume that the reel would be more accurate than this. Tried it with both reels with the same results. Any ideas of what's the problem? (Maybe my process, Possibly bad reels?) Kinda stuck here with this.. Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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