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  1. Matt, As usual thanks for the updated report. We fished on saturday am until noon. 4 for 8 got our butts kicked as the fish were hot. Meat program took most of the hits. Spoons first thing in the early light. Grizzly
  2. Hey no problem on the crawlers. Anytime Tom. Brian
  3. Well I must say that fishing alone can be a challenge but rewarding. Thursday evening the 7th I was happy to land 2 for 4. Lost a really nice one right at the side of the boat as it went nuts from being hooked in the eye socket area on a dipsey #3 setting with a flounder pounder 150 back. The other hits came on lemon ice 75 down over 120 fow. Friday morning brought some rougher water but fishable. 2 for 2 1 fish on the same dipsey setup and the last fish on the lemon ice again and I never knew it was there till i checked the line. Anyways it was fun to strectch the line and finally catch something that takes drag and fights. Now for the boring stuff, fished saginaw bay Saturday and Sunday limits both days and back to the ramp buy 9:30. I have one more weekend to fish the eyes and then its westbound for me from there on out. Grizzly
  4. Thank you to all who replied. Alot of good information here. Again Thanks, Grizzly
  5. I plan to setup 2 copper rigs. First off thanks in advance to all who reply to this thread. Second what is everyone's preferred brand of copper as everything i am reading seem's to point to bloodrun. Also I see there is 35# and 45# should i have both or just go for the 45 pound. Next backing material. What is the best way to go as I don't want to have to do this over again. Thanks, Grizzly
  6. Fishinmachine, That is a great report. Not to mention some awesome fish. Grizzly
  7. Don't overlook hot n tots 40 feet off the board in 10 foot of water. We hammered them on saturday and sunday. Was awesome not to have to play with the crawlers. Silver anything worked well for us. It was my first time going out of that port and what a nice short run to the action. Grizzly.
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