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  1. tnail

    Checking on you Mike !

  2. I must be old, I remember GLF , when he was BassCat !!!! Before he opened this site ! Hello Ole Friend !!!!!!!!
  3. Just finished a new rife,,kinda special,lol 6mm 284,,lol yes 284 , you cannot buy them you must build them,,, and a lot of old parts to assemble this ar-15. Was just a time killer,,
  4. Thanks for the password change,,lol,,, Take those boys to the races,,,, that is the way I raised my son ! We raced Go-Carts with the best of them,, and famous ones too,,, I am in the process of opening a pawn shop,, one bar and grill (The Brick House) , and one Liquor store,(called "The Liquor Store") and one Warehouse Bar (Beavers) lol,,,, thanks again,,, tnail,,,,,,,
  5. It is hard to see ole friends these days,,,lol,,, GLF, is that right now,,,lol,,,,, good to cya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  6. Someone said that GLF fishes with worms !!!! I think it was Adam Bomb !!
  7. tnail

    My 2000 Buck

    dang,,,GLF,,, you killed Bambi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  8. yes,,, I hunt dear ,,,, and bare,,,,lol
  9. triger fish,, marlin,, all kinds of fish in the Gulf,,,lol,,,, the best ones are two legged and blonde,,, oh,,,lol,,,,, they are fairly easy to catch,,lol,,,, just troll with $100 bills,,, damn good bait,,,,,, Just thought i would check in one you glf,,,,,, good to see you got it going,,,, lots of luck ,, with the fishin too,,,lol,,,
  10. GLF ,, thanks for the invite,,,, will watch to see who is the "Real" fisherman,,,lol,,, your members should be proud of this site,, you allways keep a top notch site,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,again,,,thanks GLF:)
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