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  1. tnail

    New Builds !

    Just finished a new rife,,kinda special,lol 6mm 284,,lol yes 284 , you cannot buy them you must build them,,, and a lot of old parts to assemble this ar-15. Was just a time killer,,
  2. tnail

    This Years Hunt

    Nice bird !!
  3. tnail

    Been a while !

    Thanks for the password change,,lol,,, Take those boys to the races,,,, that is the way I raised my son ! We raced Go-Carts with the best of them,, and famous ones too,,, I am in the process of opening a pawn shop,, one bar and grill (The Brick House) , and one Liquor store,(called "The Liquor Store") and one Warehouse Bar (Beavers) lol,,,, thanks again,,, tnail,,,,,,,
  4. tnail

    Been a while !

    It is hard to see ole friends these days,,,lol,,, GLF, is that right now,,,lol,,,,, good to cya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. tnail


    Someone said that GLF fishes with worms !!!! I think it was Adam Bomb !!
  6. tnail

    My 2000 Buck

    dang,,,GLF,,, you killed Bambi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. tnail

    Are Any Members Hunters?

    yes,,, I hunt dear ,,,, and bare,,,,lol
  8. tnail

    yo !

    triger fish,, marlin,, all kinds of fish in the Gulf,,,lol,,,, the best ones are two legged and blonde,,, oh,,,lol,,,,, they are fairly easy to catch,,lol,,,, just troll with $100 bills,,, damn good bait,,,,,, Just thought i would check in one you glf,,,,,, good to see you got it going,,,, lots of luck ,, with the fishin too,,,lol,,,
  9. tnail

    yo !

    GLF ,, thanks for the invite,,,, will watch to see who is the "Real" fisherman,,,lol,,, your members should be proud of this site,, you allways keep a top notch site,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,again,,,thanks GLF:)