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  1. We use them often in the summer on lake huron. Usually a fish flash or some other spinning flasher like pro trolls spin ray or something like that. As mentioned usually just one and usually I put it on a sliders with and good snap swivel directly to the mainline with the spoon about 4-5 ft behind. Have had really good luck with these on steelhead. However there are times when they can make your spread go cold so pay attention to what happens when you put that set up out.
  2. I second the single hook suggestion. I've put them on my steelhead spoons and have had better success.
  3. Pinks have a ridiculously big eye for the size of fish. It's alien like. Their flesh is also very soft especially if they aren't kept real cold.
  4. Steel head really light up blue in the water and when first caught. Then the blue seems to fade.
  5. Can you just place a rubber band on the line about ten feet up from the ball and not run the line through the rubber band? The slidder couldn't run up any higher past the band and the water would keep it from running down further. That way if you get a fish on the mainlinethe slider will slide down the line without haveing to be taken off. I might try this tommorow. What do you think.
  6. I also use multipe reels and just change the rods. Not so much for expense but just for the room. I have a small boat.
  7. i use them but not as a replacement for the dipsey. I use the large torpedo as a low diver as they get down deeper. I still use the dipsey on top because they get much further from the boat. I use a small torpedo off an inline board or on a lead core to add some depth. Easy to use and easy to get off while fighting a fish.
  8. Two lead core. Two divers (dIpseys early then i switch to torpedos). Two Riggers with slidders. You can also add the torpedos to various lead lines to add depth.
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