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  1. Are these still available and where are you located?
  2. Terry sent you a pm with my # I would like to buy everything but the downrigger if you have any of it left
  3. Thanks Sherman I'll give them a call! I have allready switched the ignition over to electronic and got rid of the points system this was a problem in the guts of the distributor I'm gonna run it like this until I can find another reasonably priced distributor
  4. Thanks for the help everyone! Vans was really helpful and could get a new distributor but it was $1200.00 from Volvo so I ended up buying a spring kit from the local performance store and kept changing out springs until I found the right set to make the advance correct. Thanks for the help everyone
  5. Looking for some ideas on where to call for used engine parts.I have a volvo aq131a that the mechanical advance springs in the distributor broke.The distributor is a bosch and the part# is 0231178019 it is an 1986 in a bayliner trophy.I havent been able to locate one or any repair parts so any help or suggestions would be great.Thanks in advance!
  6. Jay it was my rig u towed in just wanted to say thanks again for helping us out.If i ever get the oppurtunity to repay the favor i definitely will.
  7. Thanks for the info everyone
  8. Looking for some info about St Joe.I have never fished there before and need advice on where to launch from and if there is any thing to be aware of.Thinking of going Friday or Saturday any help would be great.
  9. Thanks for the welcome Mine is an 86 with a volvo 4 cylinder also, I havent gotten to troll with mine yet so I was wondering if you use a kicker motor or a drift bag or if it trolls down fine as is. I saw two other trophys that were identical to ours in gull lake marines parking lot this fall,they must be good everyones got one.
  10. Here is the boat and rocket launcher i made for it
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.I'm working on some pics of the boat but im cheap and still on dial up so it takes a six pack and 2hrs to upload pics but ill get em up soon.
  12. My name is arron After fishing out of south haven last summer on a friends boat i got the itch and bought a 21 ft bayliner trophy hard top fixer upper.I've been working on the boat all fall and winter and its just about ready.Now the itch is a full blown rash and I cant wait to get on the water for the first time.I am signed up for the Keating seminar in mason and have learned a ton from all your question and answer posts. Looking forward to meeting some of you at the events,seminars or on the water.
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