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  1. I slide the bead on the line first, free sliding at this point. Then slide on a 1" piece of shrink tubing after the bead. Tie knot as described. Melt shrink tube over knot. I like the bead on the line to be able to reel it in to the top roller on my rod when dipsy is detached. Wire line has a tendency to "spring" if not constantly kept taught. Just what I do, not the only way.
  2. From people who have these in hand, are they suited to run mag dipsys? I am looking at adding new dual dipsy holders this spring, and you know what they say about to good to be true, usually is....
  3. Hope they will work, otherwise I will have a pair available soon.
  4. These will be used to replace the broken down cheap holders on my mag 10s.
  5. Will the big John dual down rigger holders mount on my cannon low profile bases. Just wondering if there is any clearance issues with a mix matched set up? Thanks for any input you may have.
  6. I have purchased a few of the 30 series size. I like the way they feel in my hand, they look pretty too! They need some on the water time to see how they really perform. Supply with this product seems to be a problem at this time, lots of advertised prices on the web, but are "out of stock" upon checkout. How ever, I did receive my Cabelas great outdoors days advertisement and noticed that they will have the coldwater series on sale for $79.99 each starting this Saturday. That is a great price for what I have found for prices around.
  7. Any wknd Baileys reports? Heard deep... 12 miles off shore deep...
  8. Thanks for the info guys. We did fish Bailey's during the July full moon. Fishing was slow, did manage a few large fish. My ten year old landed a #29.6 on a wire dipsey as I was fighting a high teens fish on a ten color. (wife was driving the boat), something I will never forget... With that being said, might have to give Journey's end a call.. Any word on Gill's Rock , washington island area? Thanks guys.
  9. Leaving next week for five days some where in door county. Still have not decided on a port to call home for the trip. Wondering if the fishing has picked up anywhere? Thanks for any info you may have.
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