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  1. i will see you there, but things are good my wife is pregnant. This will be my first kid. The last year grand haven tournament we won the 24 ft and under class. thats the first for me. So how are things with you? salmon hunter

  2. Hey hows it going? I bought a grease trap from you last year, do you know how long of a lead you use when you run spin and glows behind them?



    salmon hunter

  3. hey whats going on you been fishing

  4. hey what happenedto the chat yesterday

  5. hey you been out fishing yet

  6. Hey thanks for the website. I was wondering what speed you ran the grease traps at. Also is there a certain time of year you run them or is it something you can run all the time. Can you run a meat rig all the time. Do you run a meat rig with a flasher or with the fish looking flashers? Thank for all your help!

  7. whats goin on man. yesterday you said you had video on some fishing stuff. do you have a web site or a way to get a catalog?

  8. I have not idea what they are called they come with some of the other lures that I got.

  9. That is pretty close i live right downtown

  10. Hello salmon wagon thank for your help on the meat rigs. I am from coopersville too were abouts in are you from.

  11. hi im going out of grand haven in the morning can you give me any pointers were to start at. thanks

  12. do you know what the easiest way to find the thermalcline

  13. what is the easiest way to find the thermalcline

  14. how do i write posts?

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