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  1. Itching to go. Checking the weather forecast, I'm thinking next weekend may be my first chance.
  2. At the Ultimate Fishing Show I was told some people run small Slide Diver's on their down riggers. What is the advantage? How are they set-up?
  3. I am thinking of purchasing a SIMRAD AP24 Auto Pilot to interface with my Lowrance HDS for walleye and salmon fishing. Has anyone had experience with these autopilots? It seems I can save some money by installing the package myself. I have done my homework so I now I will need to tap into the hydraulic steering. Is this anything has had any experience doing?
  4. You never lived until you have a big king hit a dipsey on wire line. I have two Shimano Talora 9' medium action dipsey rods and Okuma CV55LL reels w/ 30 lb copper. These are ab economical solution for me.
  5. I was planning on this weekend but not certain about the weather. This week will probably stir the water up and no telling where the fish will be. Let's keep in touch.
  6. Just learned how to attach images. See below jim
  7. Trolled 8 - 10:30 am in front of Turtle Creek - nothing. Started moving around then caught a 2 man limit just north of Niagra Reef in 30 FOW. Reef Runners and Husky Jerks 75' to 100' feet back at 1 - 1.5 mph. Eight fish total weighed 51 pounds, released one female 11 lb.
  8. Fished Saturday afternoon and Sunday mormning in front of the pier head in 35- 50 FOW. Went 6 for 10 on Saturday, 8 for 12 on Sunday. Overall 4 Kings, 9 Coho, 1 Laker w/ numerous through backs. All on spoons off of boards and riggers or stick baits on long lines.
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