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  1. Your coupon code is Mushy's Dad. You can use it anytime before 12/31/2012.

    Thanks again,


  2. Congrats on winning the contest. I will form a discount code and send it to you. Once you have it you can order fly products from our site and enter the code. If you would like to order other products you can but you must first use the $30 on flies. I am on vacation but will be home this weekend. Thanks for playing!

    Matt Siggeman

    Sigg's Rigs


  3. Congrats again on winning the photo contest. I have created a coupon for you to redeem your prize. All you have to do is go to www.siggsrigs.com and order $30 dollars in trolling flies. There will be an area to enter a code. Enter Legacy and you will receive a $30 dollar discount. Thanks for playing!\


  4. Eric, Just wanted to thank you for developing and sharing this with us! Extremely usefull tool. Matt
  5. We have the 11 in. double pearl fishscale. Matt
  6. Ken, Kevin does his own customizing. Right now he is not sharing. I even threatened to hold out on flies! LOL Matt
  7. Here is a photo of Kevin Keller's LOC derby leading Salmon. Caught on a custom Pro-Troll and Sigg's Blue Dolphin Pulse Fly. Great job Kevin what a hog!!! 31 pounds 7 ounces!
  8. Rick, Congrats on winning the Sigg's comeback award. Maybe you can sell the flies to Billy! LOL. Matt
  9. Jason,

    I do not remember if I responded to your last IM. Since you did not order anything a couple months ago I pm'd Ken and told him you had not ordered yet. I told him the prize was still valid and he used it. I would of gladly honored it for you but I already honored it for ken. Since you have been such a good supporter of our products I will offer you a $ 20.00 dollar discount on your next order. I am sure if Ken thought you were going to still use the prize he would not of used it himself. I hope this is O.K. with you.

    Matt Siggeman

    Sigg's Rigs

  10. Very nice looking flies! If you lived closer I would offer you a job. You will have fun catching fish with your own creations. Matt
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