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  1. Trolling Valves can be a bit difficult to deal with, and how they are set up has a lot to do with it. The mechanical ones seem like they are a bit more touchy, prone to drift than the electronic interface. It can also depend on how much "safety" is build into the system, this can litit adjustments.
  2. The bigger kings will typically like that cooler water 42 - 48 degrees. However at dusk and dawn this goes totally out the window as that is when fish are on the feed. However it does seem as the biomass in Lake Michigan has decreased, or so they say, you will find more fish up "out of temp" at all times of the day. If you have a program that it working I would stick to it, and just put one or two rods down in the cool water, it may not produce a lot of fish but it may very well be the biggest one of the day.
  3. Capt Tony, My pursuit is spinning big wheels at 28 x 23 if my memory serves me correctly this morning, so one one motor no bags, valves or gear in the water i am a bit over 4 mph. Cruise is about 28 mph and WOT about 35 mph. I really don't have any good fuel burn numbers for you as I don't have flowscans on board. My slip mate does have the same rig as i do, and his comment was the fuel consumption was a half of what it was in this 36 Sportcraft with twin 454's. If you run a lot of trips the diesels are worth it from the fuel burn prospective, but you have to balance that with cost of all other maintance is higher. The price of parts is much higher than on gas engines and even the cost of the oil change in more than double the gas engine with 2 filters and 5 gallons of oil per motor. With the new rudders i can now get down in the 1.5 mph range and still have good boat control. I really dont slow down that far as this boat actually tends to fish a bit better on the faster side in my opinion. Justin
  4. Big Papa is a make of some very fine trolling bags, which are used to slow down and stabilize the boat. Frank at Amish Outfitters also makes very nice trolling bags. http://www.bigpapasportfishing.com/trolling_bags.htm https://amishoutfitters.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1 I have used both of their products and both are durable and well made. Both manufactures will help you choose the correct size for your boat. Tolling valves are a add on to a marine transmission. Basically is reduces pressure on the clutch plates in the transmission and allows them to "slip" thus reducing the speed of the output shaft and prop. There are both mechanical and electronic version.
  5. Are you looking for trolling or running?
  6. I have a Pursuit 3400 with twin Volvo Diesels. I uses combination of bags and my trolling valves to troll. Depending on the conditions, it may be valves, it may be bags, it may be both or may be neither. Some of this will be a boat setup question size and weight of boat, engine size, prop size and rudder size. Boat control at slow speed was a bigger issue for me and I ended up putting over sized rudder on my boat which made all the difference. Now I can troll slow with great boat control.
  7. Yes Sirius does still offer a package for the SR 50. It looks like it is called the Charter Package. This package is about $30 a month plus a $25 activation. This unit is really aimed at A and C series units and does not work with the following: Specific models of MFDs not supported by the SR50: E-Series Classic MFDs (E80, E120) C-Series Widescreen MFDs (C90W, C120W, C140W) E-Series Widescreen MFDs (E90W, E120W, E140W) G-Series (GPM400) Justin
  8. We also had a nice afternoon trip out of Ludington on 5/31. Left slip about 12:30 pm and fished off the project between 135 - 150 FOW. Ended up 8 for 11, 2 of which were throw back shakers. 3 and 5 color colors doing most of the damage, Warrior Clown and UV Mixed Veggie, Fuzzy Bear double orange crush, and Sivler Streak yellow tail all taking fish. Purple meat rig on a high diver back 70' took a nice king as did a Rigger with 11" blue big weenie paddle 46' dn. A good shake down trip and nice day on the water. Justin
  9. The VC-17 is what we have used on our boat up in Ludington. It does a very good job, touch up is easy and it lasts. Our new boat has West Marine CPP on it and i am not as happy with it, does a good job, but boat is not as clean and does not seem to last like the VC-17. The VC-17 is a thin film and will keep the bottom of the boat smooth as well.
  10. There are also a few on Yachtworld that are close and in your price point. https://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/cache/searchResults.jsp?ic=true&slim=yw&seo=true&N=4294957651%204294957633%204294959219&sm=3&obp=true&cit=true&No=0&ps=50 Prices on the 31 seemed to have eased a bit in the last year. Justin
  11. Here is a couple more http://nmi.craigslist.org/boa/4382013439.html http://nmi.craigslist.org/bod/4330287395.html http://grandrapids.craigslist.org/boa/4374281580.html justin
  12. Boat size is a difficult subject and one that I can shed a little light on as I am on my 3rd big lake boat in six seasons. I think first and foremost is what will the primary use of the boat be, ie. fishing, cruising or water sports. Secondly what is the primary body or bodies of water for the use. If that use is smaller inland lake near where you live you need to pick a boat which can be launched and recovered at those locations, if it is the bay or great lakes you can then decide on a boat from there based on your travel distance and ability to pick your days that the lake is fishable from your vessel. IF big water is the primary use get the biggest boat you can afford, just remember there more that just the purchase price, and deal with. If inland is the primary, pick a boat that is reasonable for where you want to use it, and pick your big lake days carefully. Our jumps in boat size were all about being able to fish more days, or actually being able to fish on the days that we have available. Justin
  13. Try to be very consistent in tying your leader lengths, about 3 time on 8" spin doctor and 4x on big paddles is a good place to be, your boat speed will then dictate the action of the fly. Don't be afraid of starting higher in the water column early in the morning, and then drop down as it brightens up. Also, don't hesitate to kick up the speed, as you fish you will figure out how your boat likes to fish, then fish to its strengths. Justin
  14. Ran a mid day trip today 11 am till 4 pm. Started in the 59's at the 39 west line. Set on sw troll. 4/7 on the day. Took fish on 225 copper, 300 copper and high diver 180 back. Spoons on copper DW lemon ice, warrior lemon ice. High diver lemon ice SD with BW Magoo fly. Also took a rip on a blue dolphin SD with a BW proofster fly. Speed 2.9 to 3.3 over the ground
  15. Nick I hope to be up fishing by Wednesday night thru the weekend , hopefully I can get something dialed in but will post either way. Justin
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