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  1. I am a member and a Charter Captain.Bruce
  2. Hi all,I am looking for a power cord for Magellan 5200dx gps.I replaced this unit a few years ago and have misplaced the power cord for the gps.Thanks Bruce
  3. Hi Dennis,What is your expected date to arrive?I may have to make a trip to Ludville.
  4. I think Kathy at North Shore Marine in Manistee sells the GreatLakes Rod Holders.Also,I think I have seen them at InstaLaunch Camp Ground.That Is in Manistee also.
  5. Hi Capt. The reason that I had to get the covers off,was to change the cables.The cables were hard as a rock.I bought the riggers at a yard sale and put the up for latter.When I got them out to use,I bent the power cable and the insulation just cracked and fell off the wire.I am in the process of changing the cables out with something else.
  6. I have had the covers off and they do not come off easy.They use urethane to seal the covers.I may not have spelled that right.If you put a screw driver in the cover where the power cord is,you can put pressure on the cover at that point.The screwdriver should be against the gear box on the drive motor.After that,just carefully work your way around the cover with another screwdriver.Do not put the second screwdriver inside the cover very far.Don't put the second screwdriver inside the cover more that 1/4" when you are working around the cover to get it loose.I used black RV sealant to seal the cover back on.Where did you find the power cords?I found them very hard to come by.
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