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  1. It all depends on speed, but at 2.5 mph (speed on ground) I use 6ft down for every 30 feet of copper. So that puts it down about 60 feet.
  2. I would go with Black Magnum Screw Ball with a Spin-tech treble hook on it. or a regular sized mixed vegies.
  3. 7/16 AM Ended 2 for 3 fishing in 80-120 fow. What worked was regular size Super Screw on SWR w/ a board (6lb Steelhead). Flea for All on 225' copper (might have been a lazy Laker or a Meijers bag but came off with little or no fight). 10-1/2lb King on Magnum NBK parked at 50ft (my 4 year olds first Big lake fish!) My son fought the fish on a rigger rod with a Cush-it (awesome invention) on the end. Fish had 3 runs that almost pulled the rod out of his hands, but I helped assist. And he pulled the fish to the net. 7/17 PM Ended 2 for 3 again fishing 110-140 fow. What worked was same Super screw as above on 225' copper (5lb Steelhead). Glow Wonder Bread on rigger parked at 27ft (8lb Laker). Third fish came on Super Screw again and fish made 2 huge runs that kept the board under water. Saw the black under the line, on the reel, tightened drag and thumbed reel to keep from getting spooled and fish popped loose, leaving the board about 150 yards behind the boat. Either was a huge fish, or was foul hooked, but I didn't lose any gear.
  4. Went 5 for 5 with a good consistent bite as the weather was turning. Started in 40 fow before sunrise to see if I could catch any staging fish. After doing a figure 8 in front of the peir heads, pulled lines and headed out to deeper water. Re-set lines in 80 fow and started trolling West to deeper water. After changing program from glow lures to flys and plugs, had first fish hit on 300 copper in 130 fow with a mountain dew spinny and hill billy stomper fly (13lb female king). Fought first fish until I hit 150 fow (about 15-20 mins), spun around and headed back to the 130s'. Once in the 130s', started trolling South into the wind and waves, and had 2nd fish hit on rigger parked at 62 feet with a green dolphin spinny and oceania fly (12.5 lb Atlantic male). After waves started to increase about 8:00 AM, I started riding the trough of the waves by trolling North East, and had my 3rd fish hit in 120 fow on 225 copper with a green paddle and green crinkle fly. As I had fish 1/2 back to boat, 300 copper started singing. I cranked the drag down on 225 copper and water skied small king into boat with out net (2lb king). I throw rod with small fish in the front of boat and started working on 300 copper. I really had my work cut out for me since this fish ran the board out about 100 yards before I could get to it. After bearing down on fish for 20 mins, netted 4th fish (10lb king). After throwing both fish into cooler, tried to let out 300 copper again, but only made it about 15 feet before rigger popped. Ran copper back in, throw rod back to front of boat and got on rigger rod. Fish really tried to tangle up by running side to side and diving under the boat, but there was nothing left in the water to tangle with (except rigger ball and boat prop). After trying to tire fish out for 10 mins, and realizing the net was wrapped up with a fly in it, I skied fish over the back of the boat to have my 5th fish in (7lb Steelhead). The funny thing was that I caught the last fish down 90 feet in 100 fow with a UV plug (strange to catch a Steelhead at that depth). After putting 5th fish in cooler, a down poor of rain started, and I had enough of getting bounced around and now drowned like a rat. That was all I could take with 1 to 3 foot wave and pouring rain, as 1 man in a 14 foot boat. Ended my morning fish at 9:30 AM.
  5. Ran out of the pier heads at 5:00 PM to set-up in 65 fow and headed West. Brought along my 14 year old daughter for a Fathers day fish. Started really slow by not even getting a hit all the way out to 135 fow. Turned to the North East, and headed back in, until hitting 100 fow. Continued a troll straight North until 225 Copper took a big rip, with the board going down like a bobber, and the fish sky rocketing 4-5 ft out of the water. After fighting fish for 15 mins, boated a 12-14# King. Re-set line, continued same troll, and 10 mins later got the 2nd rip on same rod, boating a 10# King. Had every thing re-set, and took 3rd hit on same rod, 30 mins latter, that got us another 10# King. After 3rd fish was in the box, I re-set the rod, but pulled a rigger, to re-set it with a carbon copy lure that took the first 3 fish, and 45 mins latter, the rigger popped with about a 5# King. All and all, went 4 for 4 with about 4-1/2 hours of troll time. All fish were caught in 85 to 100 fow, using Moonshine's Bullseye (my go to lure 3 years in a row). My daughter enjoyed the boat ride, but wasen't impressed with all the slime, scales, and blood. And she said that I really needed a shower, because I smelled like fish! Ahh... the smell of success.
  6. Fished from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM working the waters from 70 to 100 fow. First fish hit at 6:40 AM after bucking waves going North West, then turning to go South East. It was on Craig's Christmas, 45 down in 90 fow. After fighting fish for 10 mins, had about 12lb King in the box. Started back on South East troll, re-set same rigger, and 5 mins later had fish on again. As the fish got closer to boat (50 ft or so), second rigger went with fish jumping behind the boat because line didn't release from cannon ball. Tried horsing first fish in, but felt lure pop and thought fish was gone. Low and behold, fish was still on, but was now hooked behind the dorsal fin. As I was pulling fish in sideways, line popped again, only this time, the fish was gone along with Craig's Christmas. Line didn't snap, just somehow released from the swivel. Reeled line in, tossed rod to front of boat, then started fighting fish on 2nd rigger. Boxed fish, and had fish number 2 in box on green dolphin SP and green fly set 60 down. Trolled for about 10 mins and had another fish on rigger set at 45 down, using Hitman spoon (about a 5lb Coho). Reset rigger again and 15 mins later, had fish on same rigger, but on slider line that had reverse Christmas on it. Boxed that fish (11-12lb King), and was 4 for 5 by 7:30 AM. Deceided to run back up, and down same trail to get my last fish, and trolled for the next 2hrs 28mins until the same rigger again went, just 2 mins before pulling lines. The fish ran out to my copper line, and wrapped behind the board, in front of the copper. As I pulled the whole mess closer to the boat, I noticed a little shaker in the same mess. Luckily netted the bigger fish, pulled in the mess along with the shaker, and boxed out at 10 mins after 10 am. Ended with a 1 man limit of 5 fish averaging 10lbs each, first time ever doing it going solo!
  7. My 3-1/2 year old loves anything to do with fishing, unfortunately when it's cold out, he freezes or falls asleep. He helps me with the netting of the fish, but has a hard time doing so when he's fast asleep.
  8. Went 6 for 7 with my 3-1/2 year old in the boat. Fished from 7pm to 9:30pm. First 2 fish came on a Dipsey set on 3, back 110', at 129ft, using NBK. Both hit on the inside turn going North West at 2.7mph. Trolled out to 160ft with no other releases, so I turned back East and caught a Laker on Bullseye down 60'. Was going to start pulling lines at 9:15pm, but got another release on the slider (Blue/Green Dolphin), but was a 14" shaker that I let go back to grow. Son decieded to take a nap while I pulled lines, and had a runner on 225' Copper. 1/3 of the way back to the boat with the 225' Copper, the 300' of Copper started singing. As I was making it back to the boat with the first fish, the down rigger popped, and a triple header was on. Well the short story is that I did get 2 of the 3 fish on the triple, but with one guy driving the boat, and fighting the fish, I can't be too dissipointed I guess. Ended with 3 Coho (3-5lbs), 1 King (8lbs), and 1 Laker (6lbs) in the box. Here's what worked: regular NBK, Magnum NBK, Moonshine's Bullseye, Blue/Green Dolphin, Craig's Christmas, and Super Muffin.
  9. Was pretty slow going before light Saturday morning with hardly a sign of fish on the fish finder. As the sun started to rise above the hills (about 6:15 Am), friend said look at the fish on the graph, as the 300 copper line started to run. When the board was finally about 30ft from the boat, one of the down riggers popped, and a double was on. I was going to set the copper pole back into the pole holder to net the fish on the down rigger pole, when the fish jumped and snapped the leader line on the copper rod . Right as the fish on the rigger rod was being landed, a dipsey rod started ripping, and then the 225 copper rod started running. I think it could be called a true triple, but close to a quad. The long of the short, the first fish was lost along with a spatter back green glow Silver Hoard plug, but the next 3 were put into the box (5lb Coho, 12lb King, and 10lb King)[Our first successful triple catch this year]. After replacing the leader line on the 300 copper, I put the back-up Silver Hoard Plug on, and hit another fish about 9:00 AM @ the same way point as we caught fish eariler (13lb King). So the total was 4 for 5, and off the water at 10:00 Am. Dan
  10. Went 7 for 8 last night out of PS. First fish was a 20lb King that was 38-1/2" long. It hit a 11" white paddle with a white bushy fly set 65 down in 100 fow. Also picked up two 12lb Kings, two 8lb Kings, and the rest where 6-8lb Cohos'. The fish are staging for sure! Dan
  11. Ended up going 4 for 5 solo on the same night. With a 2-1/2lb, 9-1/2lb, 11lb, and a 12lb King. Was my best solo run this year, but didn't come close to the 10 for 15 day I had on May 20th with a friend in the same boat, fishing 6 rods. Dan
  12. Thanks for the invite. I usually go out 2-4 times a week (if weather and wave conditions permit), and have gone out about 30 times out of PS this year with good success. Some people call it an additiction, I call it an education. Dan
  13. I plan on going out tonight out of PS. I have a 120QT cooler and live across the street from Gold Coast Outfitters. I can meet at the Gold Coast @ 4:30. Otherwise i'll ride single in my 14' boat, but can only fish 3 rods. Dan 616-212-5738
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