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  1. We have been using these Bundeze they work great for divers and broke down rods...
  2. Trolling reels

    Do you still have the Penn 310 GT2 looking for one?
  3. 33# King @ Frankfort' alt='photo.jpg'> Here is a picture of the fish caught this Thursday at Frankfort weighed at Big Bob's 33 lbs 1 oz what a beast!
  4. Big Jon Rigger Question

    I will second the scotty auto-stop beads I started with the supplied crimps and had a cable fail right at the crimp. Big-Jon told me to adjust the cable guide that houses the switch close the spool which makes the stop rock up to make the switch. I have also had problems with switches going bad from water but they just don't stop the rigger when they fail. I used silicone in the crack between the two halves of that switch housing that helped keep water out. Big Jon said they are looking for a waterproof micro switch to solve that. My riggers are the Brute model hope this helps.
  5. Net Pens , HELP

    Jim You can contact TriMet Industrtries they made the one for the Grand Traverse Sport Fishing Association in Traverse City, MI I don't know if that's too far for you.
  6. Fishing Leagues?

    Grand Traverse Area Sport Fishing Association - spring, summer & fall fishing league every Wednesday evening...