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  1. Fishing was horid. If it wasnt for a 14" shaker we would have got the big"0". Fish 50-100fow. Heard some chatter on the radio however few did "Ok" but nobody was on fire. Fished all spoon program covering the top 50fow very well. Better luck to somebody.
  2. Set lines at 6:00 60 fow and headed west to 120. Finally picked up 21lb king in 100fow. 33 down 35 back On rigger, green j-plug. Missed 2 others. Called it at 9:45. First time on neighbors 16 foot tracker. Set up nice and it catches Fish. Nice boat brian!! Same boat went 5/5 yesterday. Same port, same water.... Fish Just weren't there today.
  3. Wasnt sure what pt a was! Ty!!!! I now know. There is lot of fish slang/abreviations out there.
  4. Nice job on the eyes!! What launch is that? I am from the west side so not familiar With the lunches over there. Only ever been out of linwood. Tx , Mike
  5. Hi all! We are camping in holland and was wondering after the Big blow we have had and water temps are way down. Is there a recommend place to start tuesday morning? I was thinking 50-80 fow water. Steelhead or kings, I am not picky. Any adivice is appreciated. Ty!
  6. Was wondering what port/launch that is? Good report too!!!
  7. Thank you for the replies. Going to try to head out saturday. Is augres and north going to be the point of focus now that the inner bay is warming up?
  8. Hi all!! Thinking about making the drive tomorrow. I live on the west side so I have 3 ?'s 1. Where is the best fishing right now? 2. How deep? 3. Looking at the NOAA forecast and they are saying: variable winds 1-2 footers and a SMALL CRAFT advisory....how does that work? Tx, Mike
  9. Report: 1/3 got a nice 15lb'r in 200 fow , 115 down on rigger with white spin doctor and white fly. Lost one on the same set up and one on dipsy 150 back on #2 with same spoon and fly. Ty again for the help guys.
  10. Awesome. Ty very much! !! I will post when I get back!
  11. Haven't been out yet this year but going in the morning. Any Recommendations for kings and cohos. Ty! Good luck to all!!
  12. Thinking about making the 100 mile run tomorrow morning. Any fresh reports Would be appreciated. Its a long ways to drive if the bite isn't on. Ty!
  13. Very nice report, i will hopefullybe headed out sunday morn. Weather pending of course. I will post a report.
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