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  1. This sure has been a year of extremes so far. I live near the kalamazoo river and its over its banks pretty good right now. Alot of puddling in fields and yards also.

    A tree farm I drive by on my way to work half the field is under water. It just wont drain. The aquifers must be as full as they can get.

    We get another major rain event come through and were going to be in real trouble.

  2. They said the ladder was just opened on the 5th but I can tell you for a fact it has been open for quite some time now. I was there 3 weeks ago and could see fish porpoising in it almost all the way to the top. This business about the fish only running when the water temps are above 40 is BS. There were fish in that ladder when the water couldn't have been much warmer than 36 degres.

    Anyway for anyone who doesn't already have it heres the link.


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