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  1. I'm fixen to head out here in a minute. Looks like its going to be a nice morning.

    Good huntin to you too a bomb and to everyone else heading out! Its the best time of year and it all starts today :thumb:

  2. Went fishing in the manistee area this past weekend with my friend. Turned out to be a really good time.

    Saturday was wet but we stuck it out all day and caught quite a few fish. Sunday was much nicer but the fishing turned off in the early afternoon as it began to get too warm.

    Kinda cool, sunday morning as the sun came up a rainbow formed in the fog and seemed to end right on the spot we were fishing. We thought that must be a good sign. Then a bald eagle flew over and we knew it was going to be a good morning :)

    We definitely caught a lot of fish. Don't ask me how many cause I honestly didn't keep track. But it was a lot. Some were fresh and others were colored up pretty good. Mostly it was the males that were turning. The hens seemed a bit brighter.

    All fish were caught on skien or skien tied in bags.

    Hope everyone else had a good weekend too!

    p><p><img src=

    Colored up buck 9/12/10 by roegob, on Flickr

    <a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://farm5.static.flickr.com/4084/4988963502_46b1d6a439.jpg' alt='4988963502_46b1d6a439.jpg'>

    Removing the hook from a nice hen by roegob, on Flickr

  3. Definitely looks over exposed. Is it directly facing the sun?

    My moultrie gives me whited out pics sometimes. If its at night on infrared and the deer are too close to the cam the pics will be very white. Sometimes so bad you can't tell whats in the picture. The other thing is if its directly facing the sun that messes it up too.

  4. I'm heading up to manistee here in a bit. Going to fish the peir tonight and tommorow hopefully. The water is still too warm and the wind isn't right but I need to go fishing. It's been a loooong hot busy summer and I need a brake from it! If its too windy I'll head up river and see if I can find some trouts.

    Wish me luck. And good luck to anyone else heading out. No matter what happens it beats work :thumb:

  5. Honestly I think the real reason they want it shut down is because the fish tend to stack up in the sections above and below the lamprey barrier. And because these sections are not in the "no kill" flyhead zone they're worried too many bait chuckers will catch their limits and take them home to eat.

  6. It sure makes you wonder how many fish they kill.

    Alot! Thats why I don't get upset about it when the feds and DNR, treat certain watersheds with lampricide, and/or create barriers to stop their upstream migrations.

    On the Pere Marquette river theres an electric barrier/weir put in place to stop them from migrating up river to spawn. Some of the area guides don't like it because it slows down the migration of steelhead into the upper river. Namely the flyheads only section, where these guides make their money. Some of them have been trying to force the feds to shut the barrier down because they say it is negatively effecting their business.

  7. Congrats once again Ed!

    I know what you mean about the gobblers shutting up after they hit the ground. I've noticed this especially on public land. Makes it tough cause you never know if a bird might be coming in to your calls. I've sat calling thinking to myself theres no birds here only to get up to move to another spot and spook one that was coming in quietly. Frustrating!

    Anyway you da man! Good job on another successful season :thumb:

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