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  1. Did it happen to be 6-28-08? Here is a picture of us leaving port. Probably wasn't the smartest thing. Had to hide behind Big Summer until it passed.
  2. yup, made a 10# batch for the Super Bowl and man were they great.
  3. Big Tuna

    Bad Habit

    haha, just a tad shorter. She's a 20 footer.
  4. Big Tuna

    Bad Habit

    The Bad Habit ready and waiting. She's a 92' Bayliner Trophy W/A. Radar Arch, Trim Tabs and Fish Hawk will be added in the off season. But that'll have to wait since we usually fish Lake Superior til early November.
  5. I'm usually on channel 68. I'll have the boat ready. Bring your favorite set-up and we'll have a friendly compatition...... See you in the morning.
  6. The boat is done.... She's heading up to the marina Sunday AM for the rest of the season. I should have some reports Monday. Josh, you going to be out at all this weekend?
  7. ya, i've been poking around here for a while but finally decided to post. my user name is larson19 on some of the other forums. i've talked to you before Bromley. How much longer until you're a daddy? September, correct? ya, i was hoping this north wind would pull up some cold water down there. now i know how you felt without a boat this summer, sucks. i had some engine troubles a few weeks back down in fairport and i'm having some problems finding parts. i'm was hoping to have everything together by tomorrow, but it's looking like some of the parts won't be here until Monday. I have a buddy that's never been to Fairport yet that's making the trip down with me. If you here of any reports down that way Bromley, keep me updated. I'd rather hit Fairport for one last trip of the year if the fishing is good. Our last trip down there (7/31-8/2) he hit our limit every trip out.
  8. Damn Josh, you're making me jealous. I'm hoping to have my boat up and running by Saturday. After seeing those pics the parts will need to be overnighted. Hope to be on the water this Sunday AM. I was tossing around the idea of heading down to Fairport next weekend but might have to head up your way instead. I'll call if I'm heading up.
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