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  1. reelyours

    not fishin related

    Yankees go home!
  2. reelyours

    Saugatuck Warning

    Pretty sure that's a marker for a shipwreck for the local divers. We ran across it last year. Lost a downrigger ball, 300ft. of coper and dipsy set up before we were clear.
  3. Where is the clinic held?
  4. Fished last night S of Holland went 4 for 5. All in 180 ft - 220 ft of water. 1 king on a Dipsy Blue Bubble/Blue Spinny 180 back 1 king on Downrigger Double Orange Crush - approx 110 down 1 king on Downrigger Blue Dolphin - 90 down 1 king on Downrigger with a glow Moonshine (forget name) right at dark Beautiful night on the lake.