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  1. Set lines at 5:15 a.m. in 50 FOW and didn't get a bump until the sun came up. Running 4 riggers and 2 dipseys. Started getting exciting when we hit the 110 FOW. small king on dipsey set at 3, 130 back. Black hootchie mama with a purple no seeum fly another small king on a slider with rigger set at 64' stinger NBK. nice laker on a rigger set at 72', light green hootchie mama with a light blue and white fly, can't remember the name. beautiful steelhead on a white hootchie mama with a home made NBK fly. Finished the day 4/7. All of our fish were caught in 110 FOW. When it slowed a little we went out to 170 FOW. Marked a lot of fish in 140 FOW, 100 down but no takers. Probably should have stayed in the 110 - 120 area. All in all a great day on the lake and a beautiful moonset and sunrise.
  2. Nice job! My boat is a little small for the seas this past weekend but it's great to see others doing well.
  3. I wanted to get out this morning but the wave forecast did not look favorable. Good job on the 1 fish. 100% better than what I got. Burt
  4. Good job Jay. Where is your Friday results when we had to work hard for everything that was caught? Burt
  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I have been reading the fishing reports from this site this year and have found them to be very informational. I thought that I should probably start posting my results and that maybe someone would be able to pull something from them. Thanks again and good luck out there. Burt
  6. Went 5/8 out of White Lake on Saturday morning. Started setting lines about 5a.m. in 45 FOW on a sw troll. We had a couple of releases in the 60' range but no fish. We finally had a nice one on at 68'. It was on the dipsey, 130 back, black hootchie mama with pearl tape and a purple no-seeum fly. Lost it after about 15 minutes. Things were kinda of crazy for a while with a lot of hits but no fish on by the time we got to the rod. Picked up a fish 3 different times when we hit the 68 foot mark. 20# king on the black hoochie mama with pearl and a blue no-seeum fly on the dipsey 130 back. 4# king on killer yellow 34 down. 5# king on a NBK 48 down. Picked up a 14# king on white hootchie mama with blue bubble fly 60 down on a rigger, 78 FOW Last one came on a penguin spoon 44 down on the rigger in 110 FOW. Would have liked to fill the limit on kings but the 0-1 foot waves forcasted had started coming over the bow on my 18 footer while trolling against the waves. All in all a good day and a lot of fun. Mark Twain
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